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Hosting a Mala Party

Find out more about Mala Parties and how to be a Host

What is a Mala party?
Gather some friends
Provide some snacks
Enjoy the Party

A Mala Party is a shopping experienced based on the party plan sales model—similar to Tupperware.  There is no pressure to purchase items as these parties are seen as promotional opportunities as much as purchasing experience

* It is a showcase of the entire product range offered by Mala Alchemy

* The range includes wearable prayer bead jewellery as well as lifestyle malas and crystals.

*  All of the malas are one-of-a-kind hand crafted crystal string of beads.  The power of intent, mantra healing and crystal therapy are used to infuse the energies of each mala.

* 20% discount is available on all products displayed and package deals offered during the party.

* Every person receives a take home gift free of charge

* Prizes offered are valued up to $400 depending on numbers attending the party

Different Kinds
of parties

Chakra Play Mala Party

* Chakra Play Mala Party where everyone does a chakra survey and partner work to balance there chakras with the free dowsing pendulums that are gifted to everyone.  A chakra key ring is then designed focusing on the chakras that stood out during the chakra play session of the party.

The cos of this mala party is $10 per person

Make Your Own Wrist Mala Party

* Wrist Mala Making Mala Party is a fun way to make your own mala based around an intention you would like.  The healing properties of crystals are discussed during this session.  A gift of a crystal pendant necklace is offered to everyone. 

The cost of this mala party is $15.   

Crystal Grid Mala Party

* The Crystal Grid mala party discussed different ways you can cleanse and care energetically for your crystal jewellery & malas.  The session uses intuitive guidance to create your own charging crystal grid to take home.  A gift of a cleansing crystal is offered to everyone.

The cost of this mala party is $15.   

* The Mala party goes for 2.5 hours with 15-30 minutes either side needed for set up & pack down.

* Every mala party has a show case of Mala Alchemy's malas.

* Parties are informal and fun

Being a Host
Host rewards
are received

The Role of a Mala Party Host

* To gather a group of at least 7 people to share the experience.  Numbers need to be confirmed a week prior to the date.   

* To arrange a location where there is room for three large tables and enough room for everyone to sit in a circle and to lay down.  Display tables can be brought along on the day if pre-organised. 

* To invite people along and ensure confirmation of at least 8 people are attending.

* To arrange snacks, drink & required glasses etc for during the party.

* The host rewards are you receive a $250 gift voucher plus an additional 10% on sales made over $500.


* A host gift is also received as a thank you

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