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Kundalini Alchemy


Enhancing quality of life through deeper immersion into an ancient healing art. 

Journey into deep soul connection and experience the vast landscapes of your authentic Self.

* Masterclasses  *

* Day Workshops *

* Weekend Immersions *

* Retreats *

* Community Evenings *

These services offer opportunities to delve into aspects of wellness crucial for living a life of balance, ease and grace. 

Event Details are shared on our Facebook page and via email

Service Offerings

Community Evenings

A thank you exchange session. 

An opportunity for to come together and share in conversation, food and yogic practice. 

Community gatherings are family friendly and a great way to connect with like-minded people.


 * Community Evenings are offered monthly - usually on a Friday evening *


An extended session that focuses on an aspect of yogic philosophy potent to our modern life. 

These masterclasses create space to explore the longer kriyas and meditations provided within the technology of Kundalini Yoga

* Masterclasses are offered bi-monthly  offering 2 and 1/2 hours of self-realization *

Day Workshops 

One-day workshops are filled with spiritual processes that uplifts and ignite your soul.  

The range and depth of workshops offered are numerous.

Each workshop is tailored to support real life situations, giving caliber to meet challenges in a graceful way.

   * Workshops are offered bi-monthly.  The focus is always potent for what is being experienced at the time *



Weekend immersions are an incredible journey of awakening to a deeper presence. 

"Presence" supports tuning into and activating inner resources.

Sessions are held at The Gap. Students return to their homes each evening for integration time. 

Sessions can also be attended separately if unable to emerge for the whole weekend.

* Immersions are offered twice a year- the schedule often includes two masterclasses and two half day workshops *



An opportunity to surrender completely into the experience of yogic lifestyle for several days.


* Retreats are offered annually * ​


Bianca has been attending workshops and classes since 2015.  Here's what Bianca shared about attending workshops.

"I've been enjoying Vicki's workshops and classes for nearly four years. 

I always feel amazing after a session with Vicki, physically, mentally and spiritually. 

She shares her passion, knowledge, and deep understanding of Kundalini yoga, crystals, malas, and so much more. 

Words really can't express the gratitude I feel having Vicki in my life. 

She is one Divine woman." Bianca

anita workshop photo

"And she brings light wherever she goes" Photo by Anita from the Potential & Potency Master Class "Thank you for bringing light and colour to, at times, a dull black and white world 🌻"

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