Channeling & Communing with Citrine

"Real prosperity is the embracing of the lightness within. This creates an internal contentment that emits a radiance from your being that acts like a light to moths. Except that the universe is acting like the moths, sending forth into your light all that is needed for your path." Words of Wisdom from #citrine.

Citrine is a stone that offers a path towards prosperity

Citrine is one of those must have crystals, regardless of how little or how much crystals are a integrated into your life. What is the reason for this?

Imagine someone you may know who is lucky-go-happy, always joyful and smiling and you just love being around them ... and so does everyone else because of how great it feels to be in their presence. In the crystal world that is citrine.

Another important thing about this crystal is that will happily sit in the corner of your house, resonating it's energy, without you actually needing to actively engage with it. Citrine demands very little, yet in return offers oh so much.

First though, let's look at what Citrine is:

Natural Citrine is a slight pale yellow crystal that has been created by the geo-thermal heat source within the earth's mantle. This heat transforms amethyst or smoky quartz within the mantle into citrine. Natural Citrine is therefore only found in the mantle and is relatively rare.
Lab-heated Citrine is more readily available. A heating process using amethyst or smokey quartz, just like nature does, occurs in a laboratory. This process reflects the exact way natural citrine is created within the mantle. This process, just like in nature, changes the colour but not the structure of the crystal... therefore creating the same frequency as natural citrine. Lab-heated citrine often is darker in colour and sometimes can even have a dark yellow, orange colour to it.

Despite which citrine is being used they both offer the same healing property and growth experience for the person blessed to have some in their company.