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Channeling & Communing with Citrine

"Real prosperity is the embracing of the lightness within. This creates an internal contentment that emits a radiance from your being that acts like a light to moths. Except that the universe is acting like the moths, sending forth into your light all that is needed for your path." Words of Wisdom from #citrine.

Citrine is a stone that offers a path towards prosperity

Citrine is one of those must have crystals, regardless of how little or how much crystals are a integrated into your life. What is the reason for this?

Imagine someone you may know who is lucky-go-happy, always joyful and smiling and you just love being around them ... and so does everyone else because of how great it feels to be in their presence. In the crystal world that is citrine.

Another important thing about this crystal is that will happily sit in the corner of your house, resonating it's energy, without you actually needing to actively engage with it. Citrine demands very little, yet in return offers oh so much.

First though, let's look at what Citrine is:

Natural Citrine is a slight pale yellow crystal that has been created by the geo-thermal heat source within the earth's mantle. This heat transforms amethyst or smoky quartz within the mantle into citrine. Natural Citrine is therefore only found in the mantle and is relatively rare.
Lab-heated Citrine is more readily available. A heating process using amethyst or smokey quartz, just like nature does, occurs in a laboratory. This process reflects the exact way natural citrine is created within the mantle. This process, just like in nature, changes the colour but not the structure of the crystal... therefore creating the same frequency as natural citrine. Lab-heated citrine often is darker in colour and sometimes can even have a dark yellow, orange colour to it.

Despite which citrine is being used they both offer the same healing property and growth experience for the person blessed to have some in their company.

What Citrine Offers

Citrine is the stone of wealth. It teaches that the art of manifesting is an act of enjoyment and enthusiasm which sparks delight and positivity.

Citrine is:

  • a powerful cleanser and re-generator for physical spaces as well as the physical body. It does this by absorbing & transforming negative energies to create a space grounded in a protective sphere

  • energising, warming and sparks creativity. Citrine achieves this by protecting the aura, and cleansing the solar plexus and navel chakras whilst activating intuition through stimulating the crown chakra.

  • the stone of abundance as it creates a generosity that encourages the sharing of what you have which than actives the joy that comes from the cycle of giving and receiving.

  • a catalyst for happiness. Due to its ability to transmute negativity, it raises self-esteem & self-confidence. This creates a sense of empowerment that feeds motivation, creativity & the exploration of unlimited possibilities.

  • able to revitalises the mind by releasing heavy thought patterns and #mindset, replacing them with a calmness fueled by the awakening of your inner knowing

  • a vitality pick #me up for the physical body as it recharges and warms the nervous system.

Citrine throughout the Ages

Within Feng Shui Citrine, as well as amethyst, are considered the ultimate crystals for attracting wealth & good future. Citrine is often placed in the wealth corner. Citrine is sometime encased within the coin found at the bottom of the Wealth Ingot (an ancient form of Chinese currency used in Feng Shui as a powerful wealth cure)
Way back in 1556 the name “Citrine” replaced the previous name of this stone which was“yellow quartz”. The name Citrine is thought to have come from the French word "citron" meaning lemon.
Love this one.... Scottish men, during the 17th century, used citrine for decorating the handles of daggers and swords. There is even records of entire sword handles crafted from Citrine. Now that is a sacred sword.
Citrine, become extremely popular during the Art Deco era due to movie stars, who wore elaborately grand citrine jewellery.
During Medieval times Citrine was used as a protective amulet. It was used to guard against many things, to name a few ...the plague, bad skin, evil thoughts as well as the poisonous bite of an adder.

Malas made with Citrine are a perfect modern day amulet

Ways to Use Citrine within your Life

Meditation & Crystal therapy ideas

  • place a small tumble piece of Citrine in your wallet or cash tin... you will always have some money ... may only be 5c but there will always be something #lol

  • wear Citrine. Malas, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings ... once even had an energy belt mala made with citrine to assist in powering up the navel chakra. Citrine loves skin contact as this amplifies the energy it imparts on it's owner.

  • use a piece of Citrine as your worry stone. Find a piece that fits the groove of your thumb ... than when stressed or worried just rub it. It is a very effective way to alter the mind set of your relationship with #prosperity.

  • use a Citrine with a point to direct the golden healing energy of this crystal into the physical body. Point the crystal downwards and towards the part of the body that needs some extra healing and envision the sun energy and warm radiating into this area

  • if blessed to have a mala with citrine in it you can work very actively on prosperity. Run the mala through the thumb and the ring finger. Use your left hand for internal work or the right hand for external focus. As each bead runs through the finger chant the mantra "Har". This mantra is one of the strongest Bij mantra for prosperity. What this means is that the seed of embracing abundance is being planted into your subconscious.

  • use Surya mudra whilst wearing a citrine mala around the wrist or holding a piece of citrine within the hand. Surya mudra is created by using the ring finger and the thumb. This is known as the prosperity mudra and increases the fire element within. If the thumb and finger tips touch this is passive Surya mudra. Beautiful to bring a feeling of expansive spirit and capability into one's being. Allowing the thumb to rest over the nail of the ring finger is active Surya mudra. This is wonderful to use when actively focusing on sharing your wealth, your light with the world. (See pictures below).

Channel from Citrine

As the dark clouds of doubt wash through you mind and you struggle to push through yet another day you have missed an opportunity to see the light that exists in all. This is why I have been bought to the surface, to show you the transformation that comes from allowing the warmth from the internal flame to bring forth change.
So often there is confusion about what prosperity is .. oh please stop this. There is this strive to create abundance, to seek out that which will fulfill you, to forge visions out of desire for attaining something within the future. Prosperity simple is all the things that are pro -spirit. The things that make the spirit soar, which actually require very little effort on your behalf, except for allowing time and space for these things to be noticed.
I can hear the whispers of. "What the hell! There are bills to pay." "I have dreams to want to achieve." "Life needs money." Also there is very strong doubt. Very strong doubt indeed. There is so much questioning, about how things will actually change, just by the act of stepping into a space of awareness of things which are pro- spirit. There is doubt and questioning about how this will actually change anything within life.
The blossoming of the spring flowers, that relying on the sun to bring it warmth to bloom, does not ask such questions. It does not have such doubt. It just knows that the power to blossom lays within it and all that is required is to sit within the power of the light.
Are you so removed from your true connection that you feel humans operate different than all other living creatures on this Earth?
You doubt is your shackle. The longing for more, is the human condition of not accepting your empowerment. This longing is fed by the striving, seeking, manifesting something that is not of now. This creates an illusion, like a heavy storm cloud blocking the rays of sun from shining it's light upon the path that is unfolding as it should.
The work I am here to do is to re-calibrate that which is the foundation for abundance, the real wealth in your life. Joy, connection, health, embracing your divine beauty with no mask, compassion, sharing with no agenda, truth, lightness & to smile so radiantly that others return to that space of blossoming whilst sitting in the warmth of your light. These are the true treasures of life. This is abundance. This is the wealth I, Citrine, offer, and to all of you blessed to have heard these words, you are already living in actions that are pro-spirit. Blessings of radiance upon you.

Sat Nam

Keep beaming you beauty

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