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Channeling & Communing with Serpentine

"Wake up. Be who Creation knows you to be.... and never stop. The change is upon the world. Shed your old skin and be #reborn into the flow of your purpose that is pulsating through your veins." Words of #Wisdom from #serpentine.

Serpentine is a crystal for awakening to your potential

Serpentine is a very common and accessible stone. It has been used in large quantities throughout history. The #truth is that often when something is common, not rare; when something is in abundance not difficult to obtain; when something is accessible without having to seek and search ... well for some reason it is often over looked.

This can be the case with Serpentine. But! Oh this powerful and potent crystal definitely needs to be bought into the field of people's #awareness.

Do you have someone in your life that allows no harm to come your way. They are able to stop any negative comment directed at you. There is no hesitation from theses special people to stand between you and any harm that maybe coming your way.

In the #crystal world this is Serpentine. Who out there would like a #friend like that?

First though, let's look at what Serpentine is:

Serpentine is a light to dark greenish brown crystal that has patterning & colours similar to that of the skin of a snake, hence its name. Other colour variations can have shades of red, yellow-blues and whites as well.

The name Serpentine was also derived from the formation process that certain minerals undergo to create this crystals. Minerals which are high in magnesium and water do through a hydration and metamorphic #transformation to create this crystal. This process is referred to as serpentinization.

What does all that mean?

  • That the ultramafic rock from the Earth's mantle is altered through an increase of water levels within the crystal structure of these rocks.

  • For this to occur, sections of the Earth's mantle has been bought to the seafloor by the pressure from tectonic plates.

  • This expose to sea water increases the level of water within the ultramafic rock bringing forth serpentine.

  • It is due to this process that the wide range of colouring occurs within this crystal.

There is also a wide range of variant levels of minerals found within Serpentine. This creates the differences observed within this #crystal. It is recorded that there is up to as many as 20 varieties of rock composition that belongs to the serpentine group of crystals.
There varieties have the same chemical formula but the atoms are arranged in different structures. This means that the variants as so similar that the distinction does not usually occur.

So technically serpentine is a group of crystals with high magnesium and water levels that have undergone the serpentinization process.

BUT Beware: Hazard material

Chrysotile is one of the variants of serpentine which is recognized as a stand alone crystal. This is due to its high levels of asbestos, which makes it possible to distinction it from other forms of Serpentine.

Did you say asbestos???? Yes.

Serpentine is used as a common source for asbestos... but lets be specific. What is the difference between Chyrsotile and Serpentine?

  • chrysotile is a variant of serpentine that is used in the manufacturing of asbestos.

  • when reference is made to serpentine asbestos it is referring to the building material made up from chrysotile. Over 95% of asbestos from around the world is sources from chrysotile

  • this form of serpentine has a different fiber structure than the other variants of this crystal making it possible to be formed into this building material

  • the asbestos in Chyrsotile does not admit harm when in its rock form. It is only through manufacturing process or erosion that Chyrsotile creates the harmful airborne fibers.

Considering this should Serpentine be used at all?

With such a toxic component within one of the variants of Serpentine should this crystal be used at all?

  • This goes down to the fact of the #blacksheep within the family.

  • There is one variant that creates the damage and only when transformed into dust.

  • All other serpentine offers a massive platform for #healing and #growth work

  • In fact serpentine provides the most common source of hydrating magnesium. It is classes as the most importation of the silicate source of fertilizer magnesium for preparing soil for crops

So does one black sheep ruining the whole family? Definitely not.... and history shows proof of the important relationship humans have had with this very special crystal.

Let's see the many uses for Serpentine

Serpentine is an #abundant stone and has been used throughout the global and the ages for many things. Two of Serpentine's main uses have been carving and building.

Throughout history Serpentine carvings have been used for: