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Channeling & Communing with Serpentine

"Wake up. Be who Creation knows you to be.... and never stop. The change is upon the world. Shed your old skin and be #reborn into the flow of your purpose that is pulsating through your veins." Words of #Wisdom from #serpentine.

Serpentine is a crystal for awakening to your potential

Serpentine is a very common and accessible stone. It has been used in large quantities throughout history. The #truth is that often when something is common, not rare; when something is in abundance not difficult to obtain; when something is accessible without having to seek and search ... well for some reason it is often over looked.

This can be the case with Serpentine. But! Oh this powerful and potent crystal definitely needs to be bought into the field of people's #awareness.

Do you have someone in your life that allows no harm to come your way. They are able to stop any negative comment directed at you. There is no hesitation from theses special people to stand between you and any harm that maybe coming your way.

In the #crystal world this is Serpentine. Who out there would like a #friend like that?

First though, let's look at what Serpentine is:

Serpentine is a light to dark greenish brown crystal that has patterning & colours similar to that of the skin of a snake, hence its name. Other colour variations can have shades of red, yellow-blues and whites as well.

The name Serpentine was also derived from the formation process that certain minerals undergo to create this crystals. Minerals which are high in magnesium and water do through a hydration and metamorphic #transformation to create this crystal. This process is referred to as serpentinization.

What does all that mean?

  • That the ultramafic rock from the Earth's mantle is altered through an increase of water levels within the crystal structure of these rocks.

  • For this to occur, sections of the Earth's mantle has been bought to the seafloor by the pressure from tectonic plates.

  • This expose to sea water increases the level of water within the ultramafic rock bringing forth serpentine.

  • It is due to this process that the wide range of colouring occurs within this crystal.

There is also a wide range of variant levels of minerals found within Serpentine. This creates the differences observed within this #crystal. It is recorded that there is up to as many as 20 varieties of rock composition that belongs to the serpentine group of crystals.
There varieties have the same chemical formula but the atoms are arranged in different structures. This means that the variants as so similar that the distinction does not usually occur.

So technically serpentine is a group of crystals with high magnesium and water levels that have undergone the serpentinization process.

BUT Beware: Hazard material

Chrysotile is one of the variants of serpentine which is recognized as a stand alone crystal. This is due to its high levels of asbestos, which makes it possible to distinction it from other forms of Serpentine.

Did you say asbestos???? Yes.

Serpentine is used as a common source for asbestos... but lets be specific. What is the difference between Chyrsotile and Serpentine?

  • chrysotile is a variant of serpentine that is used in the manufacturing of asbestos.

  • when reference is made to serpentine asbestos it is referring to the building material made up from chrysotile. Over 95% of asbestos from around the world is sources from chrysotile

  • this form of serpentine has a different fiber structure than the other variants of this crystal making it possible to be formed into this building material

  • the asbestos in Chyrsotile does not admit harm when in its rock form. It is only through manufacturing process or erosion that Chyrsotile creates the harmful airborne fibers.

Considering this should Serpentine be used at all?

With such a toxic component within one of the variants of Serpentine should this crystal be used at all?

  • This goes down to the fact of the #blacksheep within the family.

  • There is one variant that creates the damage and only when transformed into dust.

  • All other serpentine offers a massive platform for #healing and #growth work

  • In fact serpentine provides the most common source of hydrating magnesium. It is classes as the most importation of the silicate source of fertilizer magnesium for preparing soil for crops

So does one black sheep ruining the whole family? Definitely not.... and history shows proof of the important relationship humans have had with this very special crystal.

Let's see the many uses for Serpentine

Serpentine is an #abundant stone and has been used throughout the global and the ages for many things. Two of Serpentine's main uses have been carving and building.

Throughout history Serpentine carvings have been used for:

  • for thousands of years for #jewellery, sometimes under the name false jade or Teton #jade.

  • creating tangiwai pendants by the #Maori of New Zealand. The most common of these pendants being the Hei-tiki. Tangiwai means tears and these traditional pendants, that are classes as treasures, are passed from one generation to another.

  • lapidary work, for generations of #Indian craftsmen, especially in Bhera. This region was known for centuries for finishing a relatively pure form of green serpentine into everything from cups, ornamental sword hilts, and dagger handles.

  • creating household items by the Inuit, indigenous people of the #Arctic areas. Items carved were bowls, tools and carvings of animals. Most important to their way of being, was the serpentine Qulliq or Kudlik. This is a lamp with a wick used to burn oil or fat so to produce heat, make light and be used for cooking.

  • cooking tools also by the #Swiss. Serpentine was made into "ovenstones"; a carved stone base of serpentine beneath a cast iron stove

Serpentine has be used in industry as a building material:

  • for railway ballasts

  • as marble blocks or sheets used for decorative facing stones since ancient times. There is evidence of this within historical architecture in France, Ireland and Italy just to name a few.

  • construction bricks. In fact College Hall at the University of Pennsylvania is constructed out of serpentine. How magical is that?

  • even in modern days where, due to its significant amount of bound water, it is able to be used as dry filler inside nuclear reactors.

All made from Serpentine .... so incredible

From fertilizer, to cooking equipment to entire buildings being constructed from this crystal. Excuse the punt but Serpentine has definitely been a corner stone within the foundation built between crystals and #humanity. Besides the practical application of this crystal what else does this crystal offer offer?

What Serpentine Offers

Serpentine, even though it is a common stone, has an incredible range of #powerful healing properties. Whilst the healing it offers is vast would like to focus on two potent offerings of serpentine healing:

the integration of #snake medicine and
the awakening of Kundalini energy

Snake medicine is the accessing of growth that allows you to shed all that no longer serves you... in one go. This means that the snake healing accessible via serpentine allows:

  • #pastlife work where you learn the lessons and let go of the #limitations that maybe attached to any previous #incarnations

  • transmute negativity into a positive rebirth that brings #renewal

  • fresh #inspiration and new beginnings due to the cleansing out of any psychic debris left over from past life experiences. Serpentine assist with this through the accessing and integration of past, present and future

  • gentle tenderness that arise from deep connection to earth energy

  • the clearing of #emotional #baggage from previous relationships

  • effective use of venom. Poisonous snake bites stop you dead in your tacks. Serpentine does the same for any poisonous emotional, mental or psychic attacks that may be directed at you

  • detoxing and cleansing of any #energy or #emotions that needs to be transformed.

#Kundaliniawakening has a strong symbolism with the serpent, hence serpentine's ability to activate your #kundalini. Firstly let's simplify Kundalini.

This is your #potential, your highest #purpose, the flow of the awaken self. Everyone has this energy, however, due to societal expectations, early childhood conditioning and the journey of being a human being, this energy lays dormant. When processes and life experiences offer opportunity to connect to your authentic nature, whilst removing the shackles of limitations, the Kundalini starts to flow. One such process is working with Serpentine.

Serpentine offers experiences to activate or deepen the flow of Kundalini within your life by offering healing that:

  • allows the retrieval of #wisdom. This is achieved through clearing the energy channel than opening up the crown #chakra

  • corrects emotional and mental imbalances so you feel more controlled within your life, being more centred within your #Self

  • are inline with your purpose whilst releasing the shackles of societal expectations

  • encourages you to follow your #bliss though wise decision making

  • enhances mediation and spiritual exploration, deepening your understanding of the #spiritual basis of your life

  • promotes #compassion and #forgiveness of self as well as what you went through awakening #empowerment within

Serpent energy in relation to our chakra system

Ways to Use Serpentine within your Life

Below are #meditation and crystal therapy ideas to integrate Serpentine's healing into your life

  • Place a #tumblestone of serpentine in your pocket during days where you feel #stress and disconnected. This is an earthing stone so this simple act will assist to keep you grounded within your energy flow.

  • Lay in deep #relaxation. Hold onto a mala with serpentine or a tumble stone in your hand. Cross your hands over your #heart chakra. Concentrate on the energy building within your hands. Than consciously redirect the energy to where healing is required. You can actually physically move your hands to if it is a physical area of the body or visual a person or situation that may need healing .

  • Use serpentine as a part of your #detox & cleansing programs. In the past this crystal was actually used as an antidote for snake bites. Use this crystal, just by wearing it, too take away any #toxicity within your life. Any venom from symbolic snake bites can be counteracted simple by asking this crystal to assist and wearing it until the situation changes.

  • Harness healing energy to energetically create a protective shield around the body.

  • Once you have returned from a day at the beach or a wonderful walk in nature use a tumble stone to keep you connected to the peaceful contemplation from #nature

  • When placed on the #throat serpentine can aid in speaking of the past and resolving issues that have been carried over into the present.

Channel from Serpentine

Lay on the grass, belly down, feel the pull of the magnet force of the #Earth removing all the stagnate weariness from within. Feel the radiance of the sun permeating down, warming your cells and bringing you into the moment. Right now, in this moment, you are a bridge between Heaven and Earth. Enjoy this connection.
So often we fear the shedding, the releasing the #lettinggo. Holding on tightly with whatever little control we feel we have. Forcing things to be the same or to shift in the way that we have been conditioned to believe is the natural order of the unfolding of life.
Dear one, you do not know what direction, path, avenue your life is required to unfold. The snake does not worry itself with when its next meal will be, or whether there will be enough warmth to bring balance to his cold blooded body. No- the snake operates on the instinctual present within the moment.
This is something that as humans you have been conditioned out of. The #thinkingmind needs to analysis the events from yesterday and project them out into the tomorrows so that there seems to be some sense of #knowing and #control.
And you know that this works. You can live your life within this restriction. But does it lead to contentment, to happiness within life, to simple connection that brings relaxation and ease within the moment? Does it allow you to give of yourself and to know yourself on a deep soul level?
Each one of you are a special gem offered into the mandala of life to allow Infinity to experience humanity as you. You each have a special purpose and this wisdom is within you.
How content are you right now? How content are you with your life... with your possessions .. with your family .. within relationships ... lets go big. How content are you with the fact that children are dying of hunger; that human brothers and sisters are killing each other due to difference even though you are all the same? How content are you with the lack of compassion, humanity, harmony and peace within the world?
So is that enough for you to stop... even for a moment, and wake up your inner energy.
Ignite your Kundalini, know your purpose, release that which is no longer inline and spend every moment from there on in breathing this into new life. Foresee the change. Breathe the #change. Become the change.
Stop adding venom to your life and humanity through allowing toxicity to assist within your relationship especially the relationship to your true self.
Wake up. Be who Creation knows you to be.... and never stop. The change is upon the world. Shed your old skin and be reborn into the flow of your purpose that is pulsating through your veins.
Listening to the wisdom

Sat Nam Beautiful People

Thank you for reading the #blog. Trusting you found some insightful and useful #wisdom among these words. Would love to hear your views so please #comment And if you feel that others will benefit from this blog please #share.

Keep beaming your beauty

Vicki Murtagh

Founder of Mala Alchemy

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