Christmas Time 2020 – What does that mean to you?

Time of reflection. Time for contemplation. Time of stillness among the busyness of live. Time to just sit and sip in the #gratitude.

  • The gratitude of this breath.

  • The gratitude of this #smile upon the face for no specific reason.

  • The gratitude for #togetherness,

  • The gratitude for #connection,

  • The gratitude for #love,

  • The gratitude for just being regardless of what is, what has been and what is yet to come.

This is the energy of #Christmas 2020. Gratitude despite. Gratitude because. Gratitude for no other reason but the sake of gratitude.

Gratitude is a funny action, word, way of being.

It can be so intellectualised. How many of us have filled in our gratitude #journals diligently, like ticking off the things to do list; than to sit back and wait for some magical shift to occur within our internal relays?

These practices are potent stepping stones to create shifts within our neural pathways, of course only when done repetitively.

Laying in bed at night going back through the blessings of the day whilst smiling as you drift to sleep, it does work ... well for some. Personally usually fall asleep by the stage of recalling late afternoon and that is with starting from the evening and working back to the morning #LOL.

On top of this gratitude is thrown here and there in conversations, “I am so #grateful for .....”; “I have deep gratitude for...”

But for a l