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Embracing Your Inner Warrior

Riding the wave of life can often feel like being trapped on a roller coaster that has no end point insight. At times it is fun, but it does pressurize your head, trigger your adrenals and make you scream and not always with delight. You know it will end, put for the time been you just hold on and make the most of it. This pretty much sums up the #numerology of this month of #July.

The Aura and the Month Ahead

The seventh month represents the #aura. The aura is the energetic body that surrounds one with a sense of #protection.

The aura can expand which creates a sense of protection and #magnetism attracting in that which fills you full.
On the other hand the aura can contract which makes it penetrable. As a result one is impacted by external situations and importantly energy can become trapped within the aura.

It is important to note here that the energies caught in the aura deal with present circumstances.

It may use memory from past experiences to trigger an awareness of what is restricting you but the restriction is very much related to current circumstances. This is refreshing to know as it allows one to be able to work with what is at hand to create the shifts needed so that the protective shield can expand once again.

Platform for Elevation

The energy behind the number of this month, the #seven as well as this yogic body has to do with offering a platform of elevation. Just like an elevator energies can rise and fall. This is a crucial point of #awareness to be considered through out this month ahead.

When you are in an expansive state there is a sense of being:

This expansive nature is what is asked of you whilst you journey ahead among the whirlwind of life, which is the month of July.

To be #mindful of your expansive state it is important to note when one is feeling weak in presence with a sense of lack and vulnerability. If the #affirmation playing in your mind is "I can't". It is time to withdraw, regroup, #reflect, #selfnurture ... then shine.

Helpful tips for when needing to withdraw

The notion of withdrawing really needs to be respected, especially this month, because as soon as the defenses are down the #energyvampires will come out.

Be mindful of energy play between people this month.... don't over give or take too much

So here are some tips:

  • we life in the world of #duality so to be expanded does require times of being contracted. Considering this, there will be times you feel #vulnerable and impacted. Respect these times and instead of pushing against it take the opportunity to use it as a sign to engage in #selfcare

  • work with your inner #expectations. Are they too low? Are they too high? Do you set yourself achievable goals so you can create and experience a sense of #empowerment? THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP TO FOLLOW FOR THIS MONTH AHEAD

  • do the things that build your inner reserve. Early nights, long sleeps, warm #baths, soothing #herbalteas, staying in with a good book.... What is it that you do which fills you full? Make a list of these things and do them throughout the month ahead.

  • befriend yourself. When one feel vulnerable and weak in presence the #negative #mind does its thing and becomes more on guard than usual. This means that there maybe lots of inner talk that brings rise to #selfdoubt and inner criticism. Don't play into that #monkeymind game.

The key word for this month is CAPABLE. So replace the "I can't...." inner talk with "I am capable ...."
Love this one ... what would you replace vacuumed with?

There is a crucial importance to all that has been said above - too the point that it would be encouraged that you scan over the above notes again before going any further. This gives an opportunity for the #wisdom to be integrated into your psyche.

Here is the bombshell

The heart number for this year is the 10 (the last two numbers of the year 1+9=10)..... and the heart number for this month is also the 10 (path of the year 2+0+1+9 = 1+2 =3 / path number plus the month 3+7 = 10).