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Foundation Building for 2019

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

It is that time of the year, where the tides are turning, the energies are shifting, goals are being set, the old is being released and their is an excited vibe in the air... It is #newyear.

Arise to the new year with awareness of what 2019 is bringing energetically
A quick note: for those of you who love numerology, the overall energy for 2019 is a three. Since December is a three month, a blog about how this number will play out in the year ahead has already been written. The photo is a link if you missed that #blog.

New Years eve is creeping in and tomorrow people will be opting for a chilled out, low-brainer kind of day so will keep this blog short, sweet and simple.

What 2019 has installed?

Lets start by looking at some of the wisdom from the #numerology for 2019.

2019 is a year where circumstances and events will be provided to deepen one's understanding of the role that balance plays within life. It is a year where there will be fun adventures around every corner and possibilities abound. To be able to find the balance among such a wonderful playground the radiant body is required. You may ask, "Don't know what the radiant body is... and do I have one?" Let's keep it simple. The radiant body is the ability to stand strong in your centre whilst not being swayed by the surrounds. It is applying the spiritual warrior energy of doing what you need to do regardless of situations or expectations of others. This is the year for really being the sage of your life by utilizing the endless possibilities to life in applied dharma. This means taking the blinkers off to see all the possibilities and enjoying the adventure of receiving the opportunities that bring you the most growth, enjoyment, passion and contentment.

Now lets connect to a #crystal #channel for another angle of the energies for this coming year. Which crystal to select ... so many have been expressing their support and excitement for the year ahead, however the most consistent one seems to be #redcoral.

"The beauty of life when the world becomes your oyster. The splash of colour fill you full of delight and each new day brings an opportunity for new pathways to swim amidst the swirls of enjoyment that can be viewed through the lens of an optimistic mindset. Be mindful though of being swept away in the current of life, losing your anchoring and going beyond the edge of the reef. There is darkness is the depths that comes from actions occurring within no consideration of the outcomes. Even the clown fish understand that their home is poisonous to others. So keep your calm. Know where your shelter is. Swim with your school whilst wadding into other directions of the Unknown. Use the current as a guide whilst avoiding the whirlpools of over-committing and saying Yes to more than you can digest. And when the tides of change are too much for you, wash a shore to sit and reflect before diving in again.

What is needed?

Time for some practical lifestyle application of what this all means. To enjoy the most of this uplifting year ahead keep these points in mind:

  • make the most of being excited about #possibilities. The #positivemind is the energy that moves your forwards and allows things to be achieved.

  • really feel into your body #wisdom, your inner #knowing and your inbuilt receptors before committing to anything.

  • don't worry about missing out on things. What happens when the three energy is active, is that we feel we need to do everything. This is impossible, especially within today's modern world with such large levels of exposure to social media. #Disappointment will still arise when you have to cancel or you are not able to attend all the things that have caught your eye. Be okay with this disappointment, as it creates space for those opportunities that the most inline for you and your journey.

  • intuition is your navigator. Discover for yourself what #intuition is and how it interacts with you.

  • #balance between "The Good and The Bad", whilst avoiding the ugly. It is such a find balancing act and you will really swing from one extreme to another this year. The most practical way to find "your" balance, is to test and measure the #adventures of life through conscious decisions, actions and reflections. See how far you can go one way, stopping just before impacting on the #wellbeing of self and others. Than play with the other side of the polarity... for example Big New Year's Eve party with way too much consumption followed by healthy eating and juicing for a week. Over the course of the year you will find an #equilibrium where the swinging, between the two polarities, will not be so extreme.

  • #surrender the blinkers. This is such a crucial aspect of manifesting your dreams. My oh so wise #teacher #GuruDass shared some pivotal wisdom once when discussing #manifestation. When we #focus so strongly on the resolutions and #goals set, they can blind us to the flow of possibilities that are floating past in each moment. Taking the blinkers off allows the power of #intent to be used. This power of intent is the activation of that deep #soulcalling. With the activation of intent present, the energy of this year will bring forth more opportunities aligned with our #direction. Drop the veil around the notion that it is our #mind that creates our #reality and open up to the Universe unfolding our dreams ... we just need to have the #clarity and #presence of mind to receive the directions. This process is living through applied #dharma

Dropping the Veil of Manifestation to see Clearly all Possibilities

The importance of Emotional Self-Care

Am saving the best too last... self-care is the hidden gem for the year ahead. Self-care is acting on the inner wisdom that speaks to you about what is needed throughout the course of your days. Self-care ensures you are:

  • staying true to your #needs

  • respecting your well-being, in regards to both your physical state and #mentalhealth

  • listening and acting upon the #heart whispers from your #soul

  • using your inner compass, your true north of #contentment and #peace, as your guide to the actions you are making

  • open to the messages from your #emotions. Your emotions are calling you to make changes so you do not wander too far away from you centre point, the #truenorth of your compass

Here is a #selfcare tool Box for 2019:

  1. Schedule in downtime where you consciously stay home and rejuvenate.

  2. Meditate .... however you can. Walk in nature, go bike riding, listen to music or sit and chant mantra. The positive mind will need direction and support from the neutral mind to bring the balance.

  3. Say "Maybe" before saying "Yes" to anything. This provides a space for the neutral mind to have some input.

  4. Place your self-care needs as a high priority.

  5. Everyday have healthy fun and do something a little bit naughty. This is a great way to bring balance. But you may not know what healthy fun or good naughty may look like in your life so some practice maybe needed.

  6. Be enthusiastic, excited, optimistic and joyous. Count your blessings and share the good vibes.

Have a wonderful closing of the 2018 and a vibrant welcoming in of 2019

Happy New Year

Connect with you in 2019

Keep beaming your beauty

Vicki Murtagh

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