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Intention for 2020

Sitting here on the eve of the first #fullmoon for 2020 contemplating the power of #intention for this year ahead. The first full moon in January is often referred to as a Wolf Moon which is bringing in the medicine of the teacher.

What is a teacher?

  • being at service,

  • having the ability to put the expansion of light before anything else,

  • to stand in your light and radiate this out onto others so they can feel the support and guidance to step into their expansion.

On this eve of potent wolf medicine reflection of 2020 is occurring so that guidance and expansion can be shared.

A brand new decade has just started, stepping out of the energy of 1 and into the energy of 2 for the next ten years. 2, in #numerology , has the strongest energy for unity, co-operation, for coming together to create a sense of belonging. Over this new decade we will see a letting go of individualized focus as it shifts into community, togetherness and banding as one in the brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity being our global family.

2020 - The year of a double 2.

This unity starts with a potent opportunity to bring balance to the strongest unity of all time, the balance between #masculine and #feminine

This in practical terms means:

Bringing a balance between the internal duality of

  • softness and strength;

  • expansiveness and focus;

  • lone wolf and running with the pack.

Externally this means bringing balance to the interactions and relays within your life.

If the usual approach is one of direction, single mindedness and goal driven than welcome in softness, stillness, listening and allowing the unfolding to shape itself. And visa versa.

Masculine and feminine is more than just the aspects of female and male.

Deepening the awareness of these energies and allowing an interplay, a dance of these energies within your life, both internally and externally will create a unity, a sense of belonging to the flow and dance of #Creation itself.

The Role of the Negative Mind

An interesting aspect that will stay on my radar this year is the correlation between the energy of the 2 and the negative #mind.

This energy of the 2 is one that holds us back in a safe embrace allowing space to assess and deepen awareness of situations from the angle of risk assessment. Globally how needed is this energy to slow down, and assess with an over alert mind the current situation of the world?

Am learning to embrace the slowing down energy by being the curious observer.

This means :

  • showing interest in what is being analysed within;

  • being curious about the assessments being made

  • but being removed from the stories and neurosis that can come from over analyzing.

The role of being the observer is what this year is about. The combination of the double 2 brings about the 4; the overall energy of the year for 2020.

What a gift.

Am blessed to have 4 as my divine gift within my personal numerology.

4 is the saving grace that allows the intensity and #stress of lift and shift out of one's sphere. As a result creating a sense of ease and peace within. Something that is being relied upon immensely during this current challenge that is happening.

4 is the neutral mind.

It is the ability to sit within the stillness of the mind and just wait, patiently, for that wave of reassurance, calmness and knowing to wash over you.

The key to this is patience.

The cup of prayer requires one to sit and wait for the nectar of the Gods to drop in and fill the cup full.

So often though, instead of patiently waiting for the deeper insights from higher consciousness, we fill the cup full with thoughts perceived through the window of the ego, the thinking mind.

Then judgement comes in, as well as the criticism, and doubt surfaces followed by the sense to plan, control and categorize the world around you.

These over consuming