Life the Great Teacher. What Lessons are installed for this month?

Welcome to May the month. From a #numerology point of view this month is the bringer of #balance through the physical #body the energy of five.

The energy of the month is about being open to the #lessons that #life offers. This is how the unfolding delivers #messages. The unfolding is always sending pulses throughout your life as a way to #direct and #guide you to the path of ease. When lessons are intense it brings forth #awareness of the things that we need to process to bring use back to a point of balance. The five often uses the physical body to create this. What better way than a pain in the neck or an upset stomach to gain your attention as a way of teaching a lesson.

The Classroom of the Physical Body

A little personal story.

Have a history of #scoliosis and the funny thing is in my personal numerology has a double 5 - one being in the challenge position. When experiencing #challenges throughout life it is either being directly related to the skeletal system or it triggers a misalignment within my skeletal system. To be truthful not much else can grab your attention the way pain in the physical body can. And on the flip side of this, so much focus and strength is required to rise above the pain to be of service to others. This journey has provided so many lessons, insights, growth and blessing ... after all it lead to yoga. More about this in another blog but it highlights how the physical body is the perfect classroom.