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Life the Great Teacher. What Lessons are installed for this month?

Welcome to May the month. From a #numerology point of view this month is the bringer of #balance through the physical #body the energy of five.

The energy of the month is about being open to the #lessons that #life offers. This is how the unfolding delivers #messages. The unfolding is always sending pulses throughout your life as a way to #direct and #guide you to the path of ease. When lessons are intense it brings forth #awareness of the things that we need to process to bring use back to a point of balance. The five often uses the physical body to create this. What better way than a pain in the neck or an upset stomach to gain your attention as a way of teaching a lesson.

The Classroom of the Physical Body

A little personal story.

Have a history of #scoliosis and the funny thing is in my personal numerology has a double 5 - one being in the challenge position. When experiencing #challenges throughout life it is either being directly related to the skeletal system or it triggers a misalignment within my skeletal system. To be truthful not much else can grab your attention the way pain in the physical body can. And on the flip side of this, so much focus and strength is required to rise above the pain to be of service to others. This journey has provided so many lessons, insights, growth and blessing ... after all it lead to yoga. More about this in another blog but it highlights how the physical body is the perfect classroom.
What lessons is the 5 teaching you within the classroom of life?

The five energy also provides opportunities to expand awareness. Awareness, through the 5 is gained by:

  • actively engaging in the lessons of life

  • implementing the element of #selfdiscipline

  • understanding lessons on a deeper level; and

  • sharing the knowledge gained from these experiences.

However, it is also important to note that misalignment within the physical body can pull one's attention too strongly inwards creating one to become self absorb which gives birth to the lazy sense of why bother. This triggers the #poorme mentality.

Be mindful of this when the physical body is calling your attention. Learn the lesson, have the discipline to act on what has been learnt. Follow this with sharing the knowledge with others than move on. An important skill of working with the five energy is to put other people's needs before your own. But to do this with the intention of service and compassion.

Just some messages that our body can relay to us ... are you listening?

How does this energy specifically relate to this Month.

The overall number for this year is a three. This means 2019 is a journey of #enthusiasm where you tap into #possibility.

When this number is combines with the 5 from this month a 8 energy is created. This means we have entered the power month of the year.

What does that mean:

  • 8 represents the balance point between spiritual access and material gain.

  • 8 is the number of #abundance, #connection and being strong in your communion with #Creation

  • 8 energy is about Infinity assisting in creating your finite world.

The power of this month focuses specifically on Creation shifting #dreams into #reality. In other words, this is the ability to open up to the vastness of opportunities that are available, which this is the greatest gift of the three energy which is 2019. And the 8 energy during this month provides experiences to really tap into this endlessness of opportunity.
Consider the symbol to understand the energy of the 8

To really understand this lets consider the actual symbol of the number 8... yes the Infinite symbol but vertical. There is more to this symbol than just that.

The number 8 is made up of two circles joined together in the middle with a bindu - a point. Symbolically the top circle represents the upper #chakras and the connection to source, it is the #spiritual plan. The lower circle represents the lower chakras and the connection to this physical plan and #materialism. The bindu is the point of #stillness where balance is created between these two worlds so that Infinite can filter down to experience life in the finite world... than the messages of what is needed travels back up through the point of stillness back into Infinite where this information is code so that our needs can then be meet again.

That is the power of the 8.

What is important about the 8 energy during this month is:

  • instead of needs it is bringing forth dreams into this physical realm, into so call reality

  • insight is dropping into bindu about our #potential, our #purpose, our deepest calling.

  • clarity is than formed and shifts this energy into your everyday world through direction and conscious action.

This year, having an energy of the 3, it is really about tapping the upper part of the circle... working with the creative force to see possibility. This energy can be very frantic and often results in jumping from one thing to the next without completion.
So the power that 8 offers this month is the ability to focus on the balance point. This allows the engaging and completion of conscious actions. The actions that Creation are asking to occur to bring forth the dreams of possibilities into your actual physical day to day life.

The heart number

The #heart number for 2019 is a 10 - the warrior number. When combined with the five energy of this month a 6 energy is created. This energy is all about the power of projection. What a wonderful gift to have this month.

Here is why:

  • The six is about activation of the arc line.

  • This is the energetic body responsible for interacting with the #vibration frequencies that make up all of Creation.

  • Our arc-line works directly with our #thoughts.

  • Considering that the over all energy for this year is 3; his means that the thoughts being projected are stemming from the positive mind

The arc-line is also referred to a the halo ... you don't need to be a saint as we all have one

Important note

When the three is expanded, thoughts will be about possibilities, with an openness to see all the opportunities that are out there. The arc line will project thoughts of what we can achieve, things we would like to do, all the dreams that are possible.
However when the three is contracted, self-doubt rules and we slip into the thought patterns of 'I can't do that!" A sense of #hopeless and being overwhelmed is be projected out.

The saving grace

The blessing of working with the energy of the positive mind is a little word referred to as YES.

One thing that brings balance to the positive mind is reaffirming self-talk.

And affirmations, well they are like the jackpot for the positive mind.

So this month the main aim is to use the positive mind talk and #affirmations to bring balance.

Lessons come in many shapes and forms.

  • There is no need to judge them.

  • Be open and receptive.

  • Find stillness.

  • Engage in conscious actions.

  • And most importantly be kind with your self talk re-framing your inner dialogue to remind you of who beautiful and worthy you are.

Sat Nam Beautiful People

Thank you for reading the #blog. Trusting you found some insightful and useful #wisdom among these words. Would love to hear your views so please #comment And if you feel that others will benefit from this blog please #share.

Keep beaming your beauty

Vicki Murtagh

Founder of Mala Alchemy

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