Living within the Void

Swirling around within the darkness where there is no direction; no paths; no crossroads; just a blank empty canvas of nothingness bringing forth waves and waves of emotions.

The most predominant emotion that comes with this unknown landscape is #fear. But why fear?

Driven by the intellect, which is supported by a mind focus society, beliefs are formed that we are the ones who make things happen. Goals, plans, achievements, time tables, schedules are all attempts to shape our life so that things happen the way we feel they should. This #striving towards an intellectual ideal creates a sense of #control.

What happens though when these intellectual ideals don't match a reality of what is happening?

No need for explanation here, as 2020 has shown us what happens

Personally illusional ideals started crumbling well before 2020 hit.

Was drifting in a suspended discombobulated state within the #void for many moons before the downward spiral of disarray washed over Mother Earth's children.

Observed something of deep importance during this time.