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Living within the Void

Swirling around within the darkness where there is no direction; no paths; no crossroads; just a blank empty canvas of nothingness bringing forth waves and waves of emotions.

The most predominant emotion that comes with this unknown landscape is #fear. But why fear?

Driven by the intellect, which is supported by a mind focus society, beliefs are formed that we are the ones who make things happen. Goals, plans, achievements, time tables, schedules are all attempts to shape our life so that things happen the way we feel they should. This #striving towards an intellectual ideal creates a sense of #control.

What happens though when these intellectual ideals don't match a reality of what is happening?

No need for explanation here, as 2020 has shown us what happens

Personally illusional ideals started crumbling well before 2020 hit.

Was drifting in a suspended discombobulated state within the #void for many moons before the downward spiral of disarray washed over Mother Earth's children.

Observed something of deep importance during this time.

As systems crumbled and people's lives changed drastically, deep within, continued the silent humming of the void. The heart beat of all #Creation, whispered sweet nothingness continuously. Despite things in "real" life being more intense with no way forward, the #darkness was constant. It was there with every breath. There every moment. Upon waking it was present and lulling sleep every night. It sometimes felt that this was all there was, the darkness of the void.

With this realisation a choice arose, finally. The choice was

  • to continue to cling to what maybe could of been. To the achievements, goals, desires that were, at one point, the working path forward to what was seen as #fulfillment.

  • Or the other choice was to #letgo. To release the faint memories of where things where heading and replace this with #contentment of trusting in the one constant within life - the darkness of the void. This requires one to sit within the #unknown which has no path, embracing an #acceptance of what is will be.

All the practices. All the concepts. All the re-calibrations and transformations that had previously occurred where all done to set the foundation for this choice.

Due to this foundation, embodying the #trust of the unknown was the only decision to be made.

There is a completely #compassionate understanding towards those who are free falling within the void and are grasping at what was, so what the goals, achieves and desires can manifest. It is an intense, difficult time and #surrender is not just as simple as it sounds.

The foundation for surrender needs the

  • practice of self-acceptance;

  • connection to Thy Will;

  • retraining the #ego;

  • shedding limitations;

  • understanding the Sat Nam (Truth is my Identity);

  • a massive dose of #worthiness, not just to be enough but to realise that you are more than enough just the way you are;

  • to shine beyond recognition of the little "i" becoming the #light, the light that you are.

These things aren't simple or easy or something that can be achieved in a whole day workshop. They require a living #commitment to yourself, even when you yourself are the most tattered and torn you have ever been.

Reaching Out

The best way of surrendering to the unknown is to reach out and say help. Not help from a "poor me" or a "I can't" perspective. But a #help "I am falling, please pick me up so I can stand again." Once this SOS is sent out the #universe rushes in with what is needed.

Then the real sense of the void is experienced.

  • Yes you are drifting ......

  • but it is within the vast ocean of Creation

  • where the waves are soothing the cells #awakening every fibre of your being to this pulse of life.

  • No you aren't drowning or falling ....

  • but are floating,

  • being held in all directions with the constant, the only constant in life, the unknown.

The only constant in life, the unknown

With this, a sense of ease washes over you, whilst you realise that there is nothing right now that has to be done. The striving disburses as the pulse of life starts to flow through you. At first the "real" life may not alter or shift very much but the inner ecology blooms, even when external pressures continue to be present.

This pulse of life that is blooming within you starts to seed that which is needed to transpire upon this material plane. All whilst you continue to lean on the unknown and trust in this constant within your life.

Continue to reach out.

Too take hold of what the universe delivers and lovingly accept these gifts regardless of the form it takes.

This is living within the void.

Sat Nam.

Keep beaming your beauty


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