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"Marley and Me" Oops "Mala and Me"

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Stories of Malas and their unique relationships with their owners. This blog is designed to bring some simple joy into your life through these heart felt #stories. Also you can find out some answer to common questions about selecting a #mala.

The first mala sold on-line

Must admit there was hesitation around launching a website for the malas. Have been creating and selling malas for well over a decade. During this time have witnessed again and again the magnetic pull, that malas emanate to attract in their owners. The hesitation was around around this. How can malas, that are available via an #onlineshop , create this magnetic energy. A part of me, obviously an aspect of the #ego, believed that it just wouldn't work the same way and that the magic of the malas would not be felt via the on-line availability. How wrong was I?

The Story of Mala Alchemy's First On-line Sale

The beautiful mala in the picture above is the star of this story. At the same time as launching Mala Alchemy, Instagram started to be utilized. Also at this same time, the mala above started to energetically express that it was ready to find its owner. Every time this mala was walked passed, messages would be received or it would seek actual physical contact. Decided to place a post on Instagram, with a stunning photo, asking if the new owner of this mala happened to be out there in cyber space. The message went out along the optic fiber cables and what came back is such a beautiful story of unfolding.
A regular mala customer commented on the post, stating that it maybe her mala but that she needed to meet the mala in person. There it was, the confirmation that malas really need to be purchased in personal. So made arrangements to meet. The funny thing was that these meetings kept needing to be rescheduled for one unforeseen reason after another. This was when the feeling started to rise that maybe this regular customer and this divine mala weren't a match.
Now, it turned out that this regular customer and myself were going to a yogic film screening. On the way out of the door this mala shouted, "Take me with you." Over the years of working with malas have learnt to listen to them. So picked up the mala and along it came on the adventure.
Once at the movie cinemas, the mala has handed to this regular customer. This woman also had the feeling that this was not her mala. When it was placed in her hands a clear message came through saying, "I want to go home with this person." It was not a statement of "Yes she is my owner," or "I am home." Just a clear message that this was the next step that the mala needed to take in finding it's owner.
This is where the story becomes interesting. The next day the regular customer made contact, saying that this was not her mala but it had bought her clarity for some 'crystals that she needed to use in her life. Than the magic happened.
Shortly after this, a message was received in the inbox, "Congratulations! You have made your first sale." Opened up the email and too no surprise at all guess which mala it was! You are right. This divine mala whom was out having an adventure to find its owner. The question was though, "Oh, how am I going to collect this mala from this regular customer and post it too it's new owner."
Started working on coordinating pick ups etc and discovered something even more magical. The new owner of this mala happened to go the yoga classes offered by the regular customer, who still had the mala! They knew each other and the mala was easily delivered to its new owner after having a little adventure on the way.
Once the mala was received by it's true owner this gorgeous message was found on Face Book, "Thank you so much Vicki for my beautiful mala - you can feel that is has been made with so much care, love and intent. Great service as well."

And the lesson learnt. Everything is all #connected and it is through this incredible weaved mandala of #creation that the unfolding takes place. Nothing is separate or removed from this web of creation, not the internet, not nature, not malas and definitely not human interactions. When one strand of the #weboflife vibrates, the whole of Creation pulses with this frequency.

Commonly Asked Questions

It is a well known saying that Malas find their owners. Have witnessed this time and time again. And on top of this Malas also find their owners at the right timing for the transformation, change or growth that one is going through. This beautiful quote from the novel The Magic Mala by Bob Olson states the magnetic pull of malas in such an accurate way:

This mala is the key to unlocking your every desire... If this mala found its way to you, you have been blessed by great fortune. One does not choose a mala. The mala chooses you. If you have purchased this in a store, the mala drew your attention too it. Congratulations. This magic mala can and will change your life if used properly.

This notion, that malas select their owners, has raised may questions from people over the years. They doubt if they are selecting the mala for the right reasons or whether they are select the right mala at all. Here is some clarity around the process of mala selection, that can also be applied to selecting #crystals and many other sacred #talisman that one requires.

  • "I am drawn to colours, can a mala be chosen this way?"

Colour therapy is an accurate and powerful way to work on the subtle fields of one's energy systems. Colours themselves have healing properties and ingrained messages to assist in #personalgrowth. So the answer is YES. And in fact, if malas are selected by the colours, it is just another way of enhancing the intention set within the mala.

Story Time:

Some time ago, was directed by Spirit to create a large traditional 108 bead mala to assist with the #prosperity work that was happening. The malas length had to run from the neck right to the base of the torso to assist in activating the chakras. The only other directions was to use the colours; yellow, purple and green while some white allowed. Now to be honest, that isn't the prettiest colour combination around. When the mala was finished my egoistic though was, "Oh you are ugly." However it became my go to mala, worn every day for years, and people constantly commented on how beautiful the colours went together. And yes it completely shifted so many limiting #mindset around prosperity. This colours of yellow, purple and green definitely aided in this.

  • "I am really drawn to a mala but don't actually like the way it looks or how it makes me feel. What does that mean?"

This is an incredible sign. Due to human #conditioning we always tend to be drawn to that which brings us #pleasure and withdraw from those things that bring us #discomfort. On the flip side too this, is the knowing that our biggest growth experiences come out of unpleasant situations and circumstances. If you are #blessed to come across a mala that has this effect on you, a gift has been bestowed. You have found yourself a truly incredible talisman that is going to bring a deep shift of healing within.

Story Time:

At a Nia teacher training a divine woman purchased two traditional 108 bead malas. One she loved and wore with pride and beauty. The other mala, well, this is the story about it. In no way, shape or form was there a pleasant connection between the owner and the mala. In fact the first time this mala was worn a messaged was received by the woman, "What are you doing? Take me off. I am not a fluff piece." As so the journey began. This mala constantly barked orders as too where in the house it needed to be located and how much contact it was allowed to have with its new owner. It actually took over a year before this mala was happy to be worn around the neck. The growth that the mala assisted in, during this time, was the deep understanding and integration of #subtle #energy and how it impacts in both positive and negative ways. The mala received a very applicable name by this wonderful woman, "My Shaman Mala." The reason for this name was that the insights, wisdom and visions provided were (and still are) life altering.