"Marley and Me" Oops "Mala and Me"

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Stories of Malas and their unique relationships with their owners. This blog is designed to bring some simple joy into your life through these heart felt #stories. Also you can find out some answer to common questions about selecting a #mala.

The first mala sold on-line

Must admit there was hesitation around launching a website for the malas. Have been creating and selling malas for well over a decade. During this time have witnessed again and again the magnetic pull, that malas emanate to attract in their owners. The hesitation was around around this. How can malas, that are available via an #onlineshop , create this magnetic energy. A part of me, obviously an aspect of the #ego, believed that it just wouldn't work the same way and that the magic of the malas would not be felt via the on-line availability. How wrong was I?

The Story of Mala Alchemy's First On-line Sale

The beautiful mala in the picture above is the star of this story. At the same time as launching Mala Alchemy, Instagram started to be utilized. Also at this same time, the mala above started to energetically express that it was ready to find its owner. Every time this mala was walked passed, messages would be received or it would seek actual physical contact. Decided to place a post on Instagram, with a stunning photo, asking if the new owner of this mala happened to be out there in cyber space. The message went out along the optic fiber cables and what came back is such a beautiful story of unfolding.
A regular mala customer commented on the post, stating that it maybe her mala but that she needed to meet the mala in person. There it was, the confirmation that malas really need to be purchased in personal. So made arrangements to meet. The funny thing was that these meetings kept needing to be rescheduled for one unforeseen reason after another. This was when the feeling started to rise that maybe this regular customer and this divine mala weren't a match.
Now, it turned out that this regular customer and myself were going to a yogic film screening. On the way out of the door this mala shouted, "Take me with you." Over the years of working with malas have learnt to listen to them. So picked up the mala and along it came on the adventure.
Once at the movie cinemas, the mala has handed to this regular customer. This woman also had the feeling that this was not her mala. When it was placed in her hands a clear message came through saying, "I want to go home with this person." I