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Number Wisdom to Guide You through 2022

Another year over and a new one has just began and what a journey it has been. This #numerology overview provides #insight and #guidance to best embrace the most of the #newyear
Rainforest bushwalk on new years day to set intentions for 2022
Let the cocooning embrace of what is real hold you steady through 2022. This gorgeous photo was taken at dawn on New Year's Day at Mt Glorious. The image captures the feel of the year ahead.

What was the lessons of 2021?

Personally, due to my birthday being early December, only spent one month where my path was the same frequency as the Universal energy of 2021. Believe me, one month was enough. Have a sense of reverence, for those of you who had a long period of time where your energies were shared with what was 2021. That is basically anyone whose birth falls near the beginning of the year.

Dragon oracle card reading
The Dragon Path Oracle Card pulled at the start of the New Year

All of us have experienced some form of understanding, #realisation and insight from the journey of 2021. As father time turns the hands on the clock of life creating the changes within the universal energies, it is always beneficial to accept, acknowledge and validate these learning then release them back into the ether. A returning back to the #void, back to source, back to the nothingness where everything is born from. This is practically important this year due to the heaviness that the human #consciousness is experiencing.

Meditate on the Zero

The 0 (zero) in numerology is the gift. However it is so often overlooked as the more defined numbers take the focus. It is so very ease to overlook the 0 because it is nothing. Nothing gained, nothing lost.

The #truth though is that in the 0, in the nothingness, lays the key to all that is.

"Life becomes really interesting when we have exhausted all activities of subtracting, adding, dividing and multiplying. There is no greater meditation than this. You take away nothing, you add nothing, you split nothing and you multiply nothing; all just is. This is the zero state and allows us to really listen." Shiv Charan Singh

The zero has been a stable in the universal energy since the change of the millennium. So easily forgotten yet providing such a solid foundation. Releasing everything back to zero; to a singular point of light, through #meditation is extremely liberating and freeing. Enjoy the guided #meditation provided (not sure why it is named Blog video ... been away from video editing for too long LOL)

The Stable Foundation of 2

Another stable that has been holding our temple pillars strong since the changing of the millennium is the energy of the 2.

Whilst energetically the #numbers of 2022 are 4 and 6, it is vital to understand the building blocks that forms the energies of these numbers for this year that lays ahead. This building block is 2. A 4 that is created by the sum of a 1 & 3 is very different to a 4 created by the magic of 22.

Unity to all of the human race
A rally sign with a simple yet profound meaning

2 is constructed from the awareness of separation as it the first number that can be divided.

It represents the duality of "us & them"; of "me & you"; of "inner & outer". This innate ability comes into our awareness at the infant stage when we realise we are separate from the mother that nourishes us.

From this realisation comes a separation, a gap which feeds of the hunger, the vacuum for #longing to #belong. It is the first step upon the path of a #human "being". From this experience is birthed the concept that we need another to exist to make us feel full. This is the birth of #relationships. The 2 is all about how we act towards each other and the #growth, expansion and understanding that stems from this.

"Imagine two hands, one open and offering, the other clenched in a fist of resistance. Which hand do you put forward most? Do you hold out both hands in equal measure? Have you found the balance in your life?" Dan Millman

Therefore 2 energy is based a balancing act between:
  • cooperation or #isolation

  • #balance or over-commitment

  • trustworthiness or possessiveness

  • inner guidance or fear

  • devotion or abandoned sense of self

  • emotional maturity or sabotage

In regards to the concept that we need another to exist, well "the other" is actually universal source; and relationships are our journey towards the re-connection to this divine essence.

This is where the magical 22 comes in

22 is the master builder #number and is orchestrating our divine connection back to source. This is occurring through deepening our longing to belong to the only truth that fills the void, that which bridges the gap - Universal #Love.

22 has the energy to bring forth change on the physical plane through the power of #intention.

This tranformative power of 22 comes from the energy of 22's base number the 4. This is the heart number for the year ahead. The heart number is what will make all seem right when everything seems out of reach or lost.

4 is the number of stability and is the Heart Number for the Year

A chair has four legs. A house has four sides. There are four seasons. We have four limbs to engage in life with.

Downward dog sunset yoga
Build stability by connecting your feet and hands to the Earth

This stability that 4 offers, provides a secure foundation where #fear can be dropped. This is the main gift that is being offered this year.

The biggest challenge of the 2 energy is fear and with the 22 this is doubles. The 4 is, therefore, really offering the stability beneath you to drop this fear.

The conflict of the 4 is having a #mind ruled by #thoughts. This year these thoughts will be categorize around fear that will shape your judgement.

Have you already seen the judgement out there based not on facts or truth but on fear, separation and #emotions?

The beauty of a heart number is that all of it is a gift.

This year, when the mind is overloaded with #judgement and fear, use this as a sign to feel the #support of the 4.

This is done through the greatest gift of the 4:
  • going into a neutral space by

  • stepping aside from emotional involvement enough to

  • breath deeply which then actives your intuition ...

  • only 10 seconds of slow breathing is all it takes.

Xavier Rudd lyrics to follow the sun
Lyrics from Xavier Rudd, my grounding song from last year.

This process is simple and is captured so beautiful in #xavierrudd wisdom

"Take a stroll to the nearest water's edge, remember your place."

Stability within creates a space of #intuition where #conscious decisions arise which allows the path to be taken step-by-step. This brings forth the other #blessing of 4; allowing process to happen.

To put it simply, the heart energy of this year is about :
  • being #present in the here and now, so

  • intuitive, clear assessment of situations can arise,

  • providing logical organisation of the

  • step by step process being built upon your,

  • stable foundation.

But what is the base of my stable foundation you may ask?

The path number for 2022, which is the 6, is where you will find your answer.

Right now all of us have ideals about the way we want the world to be. These ideals #inspire us, give #hope and provide #direction.

This is the essence of the energy of 6; to #envision, without limitation, the power of what could be possible for the good of all. This is the art of #intention; where one opens a space of pure projection which is #calm and #centred.

An altar with crystals, candles, Quan Yin
Creating an altar is a powerful way to active the power of intention

Often when power of projection comes into play the perspective shifts from the present to the future and this is the challenge of the 6 and the year ahead. With vision and ideals the tendency to shift focus to the future occurs.

This creates:
  • busyness,

  • agitation,

  • pressure and

  • judgement of those who aren't fitting into the roles you feel they need to take to fulfill this #vision to occur

It doesn't take much to know that we All are already being subjected to this.

The gift of the 6 is:
  • to hold clear the vision, the ideal but

  • remain #calm,

  • connected to a state of presence,

  • allowing things to take form from the universal energy

  • whilst projecting universal energy which is the light of love from the #essence of your #Self.

What does this all mean?

The real essence of this year is combing the heart energy of the 4 with the power of projection of the 6.

"This is asking you to find the stillness and calmness within to envision your higher ideas then let go into the stability of the present moment, as really that is all we have. Hold calmness and blessings whilst being centred in the here now. This is the path through the fear. Be #brave, be #kind, be #just and #trust your Self." Me

Sat Nam Waha Guru

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