Self-Acceptance is More Crucial than Self-Improvement

Striving towards an ideal of yourself, driven by #expectations created by a mind bogged down with false believes about who you are, impacts greatly on the journey of #selfdiscovery. A simple yet powerful approach, which has within it an opening to bliss, is the act of Self-Acceptance.

In this daily age, the norm seems to be keeping up with the Jones (well it can almost be replaced with the Kardashians). Whether it is landing that high paying career, or living a #holistic life, or being a "Super Mum", or being an #entrepreneur with aims to making it big in your own way.... there seems to always be this pressure to perform, to seek more, to do more, to become more ..... to #strive instead of #thrive. And this is also true for those engaging in #selfgrowth work. Self-improvement is yet another way that the #ego can latch onto the notion of striving for more, with the view that how things are now, just isn't enough. The pressure to be more than what we are can be very counterproductive.

"But surely we all have things about yourselves we want to change and things in our lives that we want to be different." I hear you say. And the answer is "YES." This is not what is being questioned. It is the approach that is. For most of us their is a tendency to over give with an over emphasis on pushing forward which leads to a dullness within our emotional bodies.

Let's start by looking at the difference between #selfimprovement and #selfacceptance.

Self-Improvement V's Self-Acceptance