Tapping the Realm of Possibilities

The enery of #intention is what allows one to be able to listen to the fire within, providing the space to materialize those manifestations that are inline with the unfolding of your path. The #numerology for this month, #March, provides insights into how to work within realm.

The focus for this month is to delve deep into understanding the playing field of the realm of possibilities.

March has a double three. A three for the month and the overall three of this year (2+0+1=9 = 3). This brings a double intensity. Meaning that March is the universes way of offering a portal to the dimension of the "All at Once" where you can #dream anything into being. This month will provide #opportunities to see expansive #possibilities.

But What is the Realm of Possibilities?

Personally always think of #elves and #fairies and have this magical tingle travel through my sensory system when working within this energy. But that could just be the big kid within me and the blessing of having such a vivid visual imagination. #lol

So with that aside what is this realm of possibilities?

  • The shamans best describe this as #eagleconsciousness.

  • This level of consciousness is refers to our highest level of #perception.

  • This is the ability to see the big picture... and not just your big picture but the whole tapestry of #Creation. As you can imagine this big picture is continuously expansive. After all you are just one human among the 7.7 billion people, on just one planet, in just one galaxy... take a moment to see how much you can imagine. Than times that by how many people ... .and how many planets and how many galaxies... this gives some context to the #bigpicture that is being referred too ...

  • It is