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Tapping the Realm of Possibilities

The enery of #intention is what allows one to be able to listen to the fire within, providing the space to materialize those manifestations that are inline with the unfolding of your path. The #numerology for this month, #March, provides insights into how to work within realm.

The focus for this month is to delve deep into understanding the playing field of the realm of possibilities.

March has a double three. A three for the month and the overall three of this year (2+0+1=9 = 3). This brings a double intensity. Meaning that March is the universes way of offering a portal to the dimension of the "All at Once" where you can #dream anything into being. This month will provide #opportunities to see expansive #possibilities.

But What is the Realm of Possibilities?

Personally always think of #elves and #fairies and have this magical tingle travel through my sensory system when working within this energy. But that could just be the big kid within me and the blessing of having such a vivid visual imagination. #lol

So with that aside what is this realm of possibilities?

  • The shamans best describe this as #eagleconsciousness.

  • This level of consciousness is refers to our highest level of #perception.

  • This is the ability to see the big picture... and not just your big picture but the whole tapestry of #Creation. As you can imagine this big picture is continuously expansive. After all you are just one human among the 7.7 billion people, on just one planet, in just one galaxy... take a moment to see how much you can imagine. Than times that by how many people ... .and how many planets and how many galaxies... this gives some context to the #bigpicture that is being referred too ...

  • It is the "All at Once" where there is no linear #time, so everything that has happened, is happening and is going to happen ... is actually all happening all at once but in an unmanifested form.

  • This is a state that is entered when wanting to access #universalwisdom, power and #creativity. It is within this state that #everythingispossible even the impossible. There is so much available, so many opportunities, so many avenues to explore, it is endless.

"Eagle consciousness is the domain of Spirit, of creation that has yet to manifest. When we access this state, we enter the "All at Once," the timelessness in which everything exists as possibility and has the potential to spring forth into so-called reality." (#AlbertoVilloldo, Courageous Dreaming: How Shamans Dream the World into Being)

It is always beneficial to offer some scientific support to notions that can be interpreted on the same level as unicorns and fairy dust.

This eagle consciousness, this realm of possibilities is referred to by brain researchers as the state experience where delta waves are the most predominant. This is a state where the #brain is the slowest and quietest it can be.

The most common way of delta waves being produced is when the deepest sleep is experienced. A state where there are no dreams as we are immersed in a realm beyond words or images. Just quiet #stillness of the expansive creative field of the universe. In deep #meditation, pranayama and journey work the delta waves are also activated so the realm of possibilities can be tapped.

It is better to believe than to disbelieve; in doing you bring everything to the realm of possibility. (#AlbertEinstein)
The universe is a multi-dimensional creative process, constantly forming new facets of possibility for you and all living things. Expanding our awareness of the process, we allow ourselves to experience more of it. Every moment we can remember that ANYTHING is possible in a realm of endless possibility. (#MarianneWilliamson)
Thanks to impermanence, everything is possible. (#NhatHanh)

This is the realm of possibility, so sleep deep, drop into stillness, bathe in silence, enjoy the quiet place

Allow the creative consciousness of the universal to weave your thread of the tapestry of life.

There is something that needs to be considered though.

We approach life so much with the #thinkingmind however the realm of possibilities requires the flow of intent to be at the steering wheel.

This means that the thinking mind needs to fall into line and allow the quiet space within to be the main player so that one is able to #listen, perceive, interpret, than use the thinking mind to plan and finally implement through doing.

This leads beautifully into the base energy and the heart energy of this #month ahead. The base energy represents what the main focus, what the building foundation of the month is about. The heart number is the energy that offer the guiding hand.

To put things briefly the base energy for this month is a 6 whilst the heart energy is a 4. The six represents the arc line (our halo) and is about the projection of the mind, the manifestation of our life. The four represents the neutral mind and is all about being receptive and open.

Too really set a strong foundation and to active the gift that this month is offering consideration of the difference between manifestation and intent is need.

Power of Manifestation verses the Energy of Intent

Within #newage spirituality #manifestation has developed a different take on it's original definition. To understand specifically what is meant by the"ability to manifest" lets look at the the definition of the word in regards to its new scope

Manifestation is an act of manifesting. This refers to an outward or perceptible indication. The #materialization of an object, circumstance or outcome.
Manifestation refers too when someone or something, such as a person, a divine being, or an idea, is revealed.
A manifestation of something is a sign that it is happening or that it exists. This is receiving messages or an inner knowing the confirms a belief.
Manifestation is an art-form where your higher spiritual abilities are used to #create what you need. It is changing perception to be internal rather than focusing on the external play of cause and effect.

Manifestation, when referred to in this way indicated that the individual has the energy to wish outcomes into being. This spiritual ability is about #focusing and concentrating all your energy, visualisation and #desire upon a happening, event or object in the belief that it will come into reality. This new take on the meaning of manifestation came about due to the #lawofattraction

Put very simple the Law of Attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person's life

What happens when manifestation works?

Manifestation as an art form, where you engage your higher #spiritual abilities, works wonders when the things that you are focusing on come into your field.

  • You praise yourself with terms such as a "queen manifestor "

  • A feeling of #power to achieve anything is formed.

  • There is an energy that you are the queen or king of your domain and sit so confidently upon your throne.

  • You step into a sense that you are in #control, that you are the doer and that you know best.

  • It creates a competitive, comparing nature where we have to strive and push hard and where only some people are rewarded for their efforts.

  • People's downfalls can be viewed as an inability to activate their higher abilities and as a result they are classed as weak manifestors. There can be this energy of, well they are creating their reality, they are in this situation because of their thoughts and their lack of skills to use the resources within. Honestly, we all know of someone who is very ill .. .does it feel right to have this view ?... "Oh they must of manifested that." It is not very #compassionate is it.

What happens when manifestation DOES NOT works?

What happens when you have spent all that time, energy and inner practice attempting to manifest a better job, an ideal partner, financial stability, health improvements and it just does not happen?

  • You lower yourself

  • You #doubt yourself

  • You #question your abilities

  • You #compare yourself to those who state they are great manifestors

  • You re-read the books looking for the missing link to how come this secret code just is not working for you

  • And you go further and further down the rabbit hole, loosing focus of the #herenow and become lost in a moment of time

Instead of dwelling in the expansive nature of your #divinity which is more inline with the realm of possibilities, this spiritual art-form of manifestation can constricts, creates #unworthiness and #selflimitations arise

A personal story of working with manifestation

In my yearly twenties has a very brief encounter with a #soulmate. It was just a moment in time and on a surface level it was just a group of friends hanging out for a few drinks. Nothing more. This connection though #awoken something so deep within.... a spark that ignited a journey of manifestation .... one that lasted many years.

In my heart there was a desire to experience this connection once again. So out came all the manifestation tools you can think of.

Just to list a few:

  • vision boards

  • reliving the moment

  • visualizing my life as if the re-connection had already happened

  • staying open to and acting on clues, signs and messages (and believe me there were sooooo soooo many)

  • manifesto writing 11 times a day for 22 days

  • sacred fires

  • #oracle cards

  • dream work

  • shaman work

  • letting go, releasing, purifying, smudging

And the list goes on .... Everything you can image as a manifestation tool was done.

And you know it worked ... on some level ... connection happened

Well not with this specific person but with so many people who know this person, but the situations never allowed it to bring it any closer.

The funniest part of this manifestation process

Even manifested the couch from the pub where we sat during that night. The exact couch, the only one removed from the pub during a very small renovation.

After discovering the couch was gone, went for a walk down to the creek to let go and connect with the flow of the unfolding. On the way home, on the corner of my street, there was a small demolishing recycling yard. And there at the front gate was the couch. A carton of beer later the couch was underneath my house .... but still no actual physical re-connection.

And the stories went on and on.... so many times there were the WTF moments.... was doing all the practices, the signs where there ...

Ended up concluding that this energy of the 6, the power to manifest, just wasn't my thing ... even though this energy is my #soul number in my personal numerology.

Welcome the Energy of Intent

An incredible thing happened through during all these years of manifesting, life happened and the unfolding created such a blessed journey of #selfdiscovery. A journey that also lead to the blessing of living a life with my wonderful life partner and ultimate soul mate.

This struggle with manifestation, was a blessing as it awoke within the energy of intent, the way that the Shaman's dream the world into being.

What is the Power of Intent?

The power of intent is:

  • taking the blinkers off and seeing everything with eagle vision.

  • tapping the all at once, the web of creation.

  • allowing the tapping of the quiet place to filter down into lucid energy.

  • allowing the subtle messages, the insights, the metaphors of life to shape and play with your portion of creation. The slice of life which you have been blessed to experience and play in #cocreation with the Universe.

  • creating plans, strategies and ways to make these lucid dreams, this portion of creation, take shape into your life. To #materialize, not through the projected assumptions of the #mind, but through the excitement of letting the masterpiece take shape on the canvas of life.

  • is a fluid #journey, not a step action plan until you reach the destination.

  • taking #action upon the guidance filtered down through the levels of #consciousness.... regardless how irrational, unpractical or out right stupid these actions may sometimes appear too be.

  • a two way open #communion, where the Universe recognizes the guided actions that are being taken and in return the Universe takes a thousand steps closer to you

A Personal Story viewed through the Lens of Intention

Let's review the personal experience shared above from the angel of intention compared to that of manifestation.

This connection with a soul mate awoken within the power of universal #love. This is the underlining force of all Creation. It is through the power of #universallove that everything is created and takes form. This awoke the fire of creation within, which is the energy of intent.

What happened next?

  • In my heart there was a deep connection to reconnect.

  • This is where the blinkers of limitations where put on.

  • The mind assumed that that this re-connection required this specific person and it had to be on this physical realm.

  • The blinkers ruled out that dream states and astral states are just as real as this concrete physical world.

A long journey occurred into a teaching of an incredible concept that my blessed teacher Gurudass expressed so clearly:

Manifestation is living with blinkers on, and you miss seeing all the opportunities within the realm of possibilities that just pass you by, as you are too busy focusing on one specific thing.

What about all the manifestation tools that were practiced for so many moons?

  • these practices refined my #exceptions and benchmarks for the #relationships within my life.

  • they cleared out the patterning of having to be the #martyr and at service within a relationship out of duty.

  • the experiences felt during these practices built a clearer understanding of what love is as well as what is true connection.

  • and the #dedication to these practices developed a foundation of #commitment to expanding my capacity to use my inner resources.

Another learning that come from the energy of intent is about connection.

The power of intent sees no difference among people and is not concerns with who does what... just as long as the shift and changes for a better way of being occurs.

All the #connections experienced during these years of attempting to manifest a personal desire, support this concept .

We are all one. There is no separation. #YogiBhajan sutra says it beautifully "Recognize the other person is you." This #oneness is where the real power of intent lays working within the "I am, I am".

The energy of intent soothed my soul as a realisation occurred, there was never any need to connect as there was never ever any separation.

And the couch ...

Well that was the universes way of saying yes we hear you ...

As a human you often want #recognition for the work you are doing ... so the universe will give you little rewards, synchronicity that says .. "Yes you are on the right track, but remember that the mandala of life actually know what is best for you."

The couch was am recognition and a request to,

#trust that all which is required within your realm will come, all you need to do is be #aware, listen to the insight and act upon it.

The greatest learning that the energy of intent offered was to focus on the #blessing of life and to stay #present within this moment instead of forward protecting from moments within the past.

Dan Millman's book "The Peaceful Warrior" was one of the wonderful messages that the energy of intent offered

Putting it all together ... What is needed for this month?

To awaken to the energy of intent within your life so that you can consciously dream a better world into being a very crucial aspect is needed. The neutral mind. This is represented by the four in the heart energy this month.

So what is the neutral mind?

  • The neutral mind is having a #meditative view of stillness where #clarity arises without the pull of the negative concerns and the push of the positive emotions.

  • The neutral mind is like the night lamp that reassures the sleeping baby that all is well in this moment so just by #calm, still and relaxed.

  • It is the aspect of one Self that allows the receiving of messages from the universal

  • It is like a cup of prayer, a holy chalice that collects the nectar of the Gods, that divine wisdom, as it drops into your scope from Universal consciousness

The gift of this month is the support to activate a still mind, your inner holy chalice. The base energy for the month, the power of projection, can then fill the cup with the possibilities that are woven within the slice of creation that you have been blessed with.

Sat Nam Beautiful People

Thank you for reading the #blog. Trusting you found some insightful and useful #wisdom among these words. Would love to hear your views so please #comment And if you feel that others will benefit from this blog please #share.

Keep beaming your beauty

Vicki Murtagh

Founder of Mala Alchemy

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