"The Award for Best Decision Maker goes to ..... the Neutral Mind"

Mental confusion, uncertainty, not knowing, #stress; the pressure builds ... than comes the deep sigh, a sense of ease followed by clarity around what needs to be done. Hello Neutral Mind. Your wisdom is appreciated.

April offers the opportunity to work strongly with the Neutral Mind

What this month has installed?

A quick overview of the numerology for this month of #April.

The #four energy is creating a playing field to listen deeply to the inner knowing that is the needle of the compass of your life. This is the space of intuition.
The path for April is the energy of the five, which focused on life being the teacher. This month will offer a wide range of experiences where you will be asked to return to the place of stillness within before moving forward with a decision.
The main tool for this month ahead it the art of #meditation.

"But have tried meditation and it doesn't work for me"

There is so much research and statistics out there about the benefits of meditation. How it improves your #health, #wellness and your general outlook on life. Considering this, how come so many people struggle with something that is so potent for one's #wellbeing? Don't get me wrong I am an advocate for meditation. Personally meditate daily .. but it has been a long road to being able to activate this skill.

For fun lets try something out right now, regardless where you are. Don't worry, you aren't going to be asked to go cross eyed, stick your tongue and roar like a lion... even though that is a wonderful pranayama.

So close you eyes. Notice your #breath. Keep observing the breath for five