The Energy of 3: Numerology Insights to Support Daily Life

Remember the old comic scene, where there is an angel sitting on one shoulder and a little devil on the other... one whispering temptation and the other whispering obedience? This is the best explanation of the 3. We all this aspect of the #mind ... and it is about to become a main player within everyone's #life.

What is your Angel and Devil Fighting About Right Now?

As you know Christmas is creeping in which means we have entered the month of December. December holds the energy of Three (12 is broken down into 1+2 which makes the three). In hindsight this energy of the #three is very present throughout this "Festive Season." Does any of this sound familiar?

You have another Christmas party to go too... the third one this week. A decision is make! Have only a few drinks and be home at a reasonable hour. BUT you become caught up in the celebration, drink too much and arrive home in the early hours. This results in waking up the next morning with a headache which makes you feel bad all day long for not sticking to your original plan.
Or maybe it is this..... You decide to be super organised this year. All your Christmas shopping is done. You are very pleased with yourself. You stayed within the budget and managed to find some really beautiful gifts. You have this sense of pride and relief that you won't become caught up in the manic Christmas shopping. Than you find a really wonderful gift whilst doing your weekly shop ... you just can't resist. Than there is an on-line sale at your FAVOURITE shop....and what savings. And those Christmas markets... what a beautiful way to enjoy the vibes of this festive season. The next thing you know everyone seems to have an addition one if not two gifts under the Christmas tree ... and your holiday saving fund has halved in .... Oops
Now this is one that we all do at this time of the year..... honestly who intents to not eat as much this Christmas day ... and honestly who will end up needing a after lunch Nanna nap due to having a food comma?????

All of these are such wonderful examples of how the Three energy plays out at this joyous yet crazy time of the year. This is also a very practical example of who the energy of numbers relay information and experiences into our life.