The Power of Projection and How it Creates Your Reality

This month sees us stepping away for learning the lessons of life through the physical body; into a space of integrating these lessons and projecting out the #wisdom learnt from past experiences. Let's look at the #numerology for this month.

The month that has just past has been quite a ride.  There was an intensity around the level of #lessons that were being offered by the #Universe.  The unfolding seemed to be asking for us all to just ride the wave of the unpredictability; as so many opportunities, experiences and circumstances came our way.  During this whole process the physical body was working through this journey. The sickness, dis-ease, aches & pains, exhaustion as well as the burst of energy, the rest & rejuvenation, the calmness & vitality were the body's way of directing us through the experiences that were occurring so that a #balance point could be established.

Now that this month has past and the energies have changed it is important to honour the feeling behind this sixth month.