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The Power of Projection and How it Creates Your Reality

This month sees us stepping away for learning the lessons of life through the physical body; into a space of integrating these lessons and projecting out the #wisdom learnt from past experiences. Let's look at the #numerology for this month.

The month that has just past has been quite a ride.  There was an intensity around the level of #lessons that were being offered by the #Universe.  The unfolding seemed to be asking for us all to just ride the wave of the unpredictability; as so many opportunities, experiences and circumstances came our way.  During this whole process the physical body was working through this journey. The sickness, dis-ease, aches & pains, exhaustion as well as the burst of energy, the rest & rejuvenation, the calmness & vitality were the body's way of directing us through the experiences that were occurring so that a #balance point could be established.

Now that this month has past and the energies have changed it is important to honour the feeling behind this sixth month. 

The Energy of the Sixth Month

Six is all about projecting out #thoughts.  These projections are shaped by experiences both current as well as past.

After times of intensity it is very common to continue to project out from this space of being #overwhelmed or on guard ready for the next battle.  Considering the intensity of the month just gone, the projections that will be the main player for June will be shaped around the lessons that have just been experienced and hopefully learnt.

There is a crucial requirement that is needed to happen, now. This requirement is the notion of #integration and re-calibration the lessons that have just been experience.  Space and time is needed to ponder the lessons that were provided in the month just gone – the month of learning through the great teacher of #life.

The reason that this is so important to do at the start of this month has to do with the yogic body that is represented by the six energy; the arc-line.

The arc line is:

  • most commonly referred to as the halo,

  • the body associated with the 6 and is active now for the month of June 

  • like an energetic helmet that is located above the top of the head

  • made up of points that extend out from this energetic helmet. These points act like antennas

The question you need to consider throughout this month is- What frequency are you broad casting out? The wave lengths you are sending out will form the TV #reality show your daily life.
What show best describes your current broadcasting frequency?

Importance of Reflection

With this in #mind, one can now understand the importance in taking some time to #clarify what has been learnt through the circumstances that have been experienced lately. 

This reflection is equivalent to screening through the TV to find the right channel. This is needed so the broad cast resonates from a place of integrated wholeness of who you are. 

On the flip side if one continues to go full stem ahead, what is projected out is the reactivity to experiences - just dealing with what is at hand and jumping from one thing to another . If this is the #frequency being projected out, than life will keep giving you the circumstances that match this frequency creating even more triggers for #reactivity.  

So before journeying to much further into this month, take some time to #reprogram your broadcast, by reflecting on the lessons life just offered. This will than allow a #conscious #awareness of the projecting into the channel of life’s reality.

Here are a few tips that can be used to assist with integrating the lessons from life:

  • Flash writing: Write non-stop for 3-5 minutes to answer this question; "What were the main lessons from May that need to be integrated into my scope of understanding?"

  • Deep relaxation: Using #gong or crystal bowl music as this cleanses out the #aura and creates deep cellular integration

  • Affirmations: Watch that the internal #selftalk is not feeding reactivity. When it does replace this talk with an #affirmation that confirms you are open to integrating the lessons life gives your through the essence of grace and beauty

  • Change your #perspective: It is the year for the #positivemind, so instead of changing circumstances change your perspective around the circumstance through the activation of the positive mind. For example ... "I am unlimited. This is reflected in the endless tasks that need to be done."

  • #Mantra Sa Ta Na Ma can be used to cleanse the subconscious mind, clearing out the garbage that creates reactivity.

  • #Meditation for releasing #negativity- Make a fist with the thumbs inside, pressing into the mercury mound with heavy breathing in and out through a round mouth, making the cheeks move. Continue for 3 minutes than interlace the fingers and stretch the hands above the head with palms facing upwards. Hold the breath and imagine white light all around. Do the breath suspension for a total of 3 times.

There are a few pivotal dates this month where there is double three present. Use these days as an opportunity to take time to tune in with the frequencies you are projecting. Those dates are:

  • Today - the 3rd of June, hence the releasing of the blog

  • 12th of June

  • 21st of June

  • 30th of June

Awareness of your Arc-line

It is helpful to have an awareness of the expansive and contracted aspects of the arc-line. This offers #insight into how consciously your projections are throughout your daily life.

When the arc-line is expansive there is a sense of:

When the arc-line is strong and working efficiently there is the ability to open space and project the mind without limitations.
Find ways to count your blessing & tap the power of prayer

When this aspect of the Self is contracted than one can feel that they need to be in #control otherwise everything falls apart.  Below is points to assess if you are projected through a contacted sense which is feeding of reactivity.

Checklist for assessing the contraction of the arc-line:

  • lack of trusting

  • questioning the unfolding or circumstance within your life

  • being busy

  • difficulties in letting go

  • finding it hard to stop and re-centre

  • being moody

  • feeling like you have to do everything.

Seeing Beyond the Obvious

There is a reason behind focusing on the importance of understanding the six #energy and the arc-line. The reason is that the path for this month is a 9 energy – mastery versus mystery. 

The nine energy allows one to access #universalwisdom that is available through the Akashic records.

"The #AkashicRecords are the energetic records of all souls about their past lives, the present lives, and possible future lives. Each soul has its Akashic Records, like a series of books with each book representing one lifetime. The Hall (or Library) of the Akashic Records is where all souls’ Akashic Records are stored energetically. In other words, the information is stored in the Akashic field (also called zero point field). The Akashic Records, however, are not a dry compilation of events. They also contain our collective wisdom."

For practical application of this energy it means that one has to have a #mindfulness of the #duality of #intellect. 

When working with the power of projection it is easy too:

  • slip into the thinking mind where plans are created,

  • develop strategies for all circumstance,

  • analytically assess every situation,

  • focus completely on achieving the desirable outcome.

If this approach is taken this month, it will require a large amount of #willpower and consistent drive. 

And truthful if the desired outcome has been shaped out of reactivity from the lessons that the previous month offered than it may not matter how much willpower you apply ... if it is not aligned with your direction and purpose, that comes from the Akashic records, than it may not come to fruition.
Allow the heart to lead the way when working with the double edge sword of the intellect

The other edge of the sword is coming into a quiet space where access can occur through the #stillness of the mind. 

When connection happens from this space than:

  • body wisdom resonates,

  • you know things,

  • you are accepting of the knowing without needing the why.

The projection that is sent out, when in this space, is one of trusting in the #unfolding due to the support that is felt by the confidence of having a deep #innerknowing

This inner knowing is felt and there is a surrender of control as one understands the next step that is need. In some cases you may be blessed to know the next couple of steps, but not the whole path.  

So the path of the month ahead of us is asking that:

  • one learns to channel wisdom through the intuition.

  • the focuses on the actions of doing what comes through and not become caught up in feelings such as doubt, confusion or uncertainty.

  • one see the illusion of life and the ego, allowing the lifting of the veil

  • applied intellect is used. This is where you knowing is used to create actions within your life that are aligned with a higher purpose

What a Gift

Now of course the universe always offers us gifts and blessings.  This month it is the power of #attraction through the amplification of the #aura.  

The aura is the energetic being that surrounds one with a sense of protection. It is magnetic so attracts in what is relevant to our current situation.

Can you see the how the arc-line and aura interplay to create circumstances within your life?

This again emphasizes the importance of having to let go of the intensity of the month just gone. Creating space to honour and integrate the lessons offer, than moving forward with this wisdom cleanses the aura. Whilst projecting out in trust of the master plan, despite not completely understanding the whole big picture, strengthens the aura.

Once you have fine tuned your broadcast, use the gift of elevation through an expanded aura. This will give you a transformative, powerful presence.

Sat Nam Beautiful People

Thank you for reading the #blog. Trusting you found some insightful and useful #wisdom among these words. Would love to hear your views so please #comment And if you feel that others will benefit from this blog please #share.

Keep beaming your beauty

Vicki Murtagh

Founder of Mala Alchemy

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