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New Year Lifestyle Tips for a Balanced and Cooperative 2024

What this Decade is All About

Before going into the numbers for this year need to take heed about the 2 which is base energy for this decade

Number 2 is the energy behind the tribalisation of the “us versus them” mentality, which is prolific at this current time.  The underlining energy of the 2 is the sense of longing to belong

When the 2 energy is expanded, we experience feeling that we are all one with the essence of cooperation and balance.  It feels like we are living with an open hand ready to give and receive.  

When the energy of the 2 is conflicted it is dominated by fear with the mindset that views everything as obstacles and difficulties.  This creates an outward projection of; it is the fault of another.  The main driving force is judgement and possessive.  This is holding onto something with a tightly clenched fist

The 2 energy operates through the negative mind.  Its job is to notice red flags and do constant risk assessments to keep you safe.  In the end when conflicted this lead to fear of survival which reinforces the need to hold tight to your “pack”. 

A simple way to work with balancing the negative mind is to acknowledge that all of humanity is your pack; that we are all brothers and sisters from the same family. 

It is important to keep awareness of the 2 energy focus on bringing balance and cooperation into humanity as you move forward with understanding the numbers for 2024.

Let’s bring this big picture perspective into interpreting the energy behind 2024. 

Also lets look at how you can best integrate this energy so as to experience a sense of belonging and connection that builds balance and cooperation instead of segregation and judgement.

The Heart Energy is 6

The heart energy of this year is the sum of the 24, so it is 6. 

This means that this is the energy that is going to support and nurture you despite what unfolds in the year ahead.  It is a great idea to really sit and feel into what this energy is about.  This gives you a sense of a safe harbor you can retreat to when life does what life does.

6 is an incredible number.  All numbers are, but 6 is a very potent number, as it helps you understand what is going on for you.  How are you creating the life that you are currently living? 

To put it simply 6 is about mindset.  The notion of the 6 can be summed up in the Buddhist philosophy of

"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world." 

Of course there is so much to this quote to unpack, like soul contracts, destiny lines and the hands we are giving in life that we have to play.  But this is not the space for this. 

Basically what is being said is how you decide to act or react in each moment creates the person that you are.

·         what are your thoughts;
·         what kind of inner environment do you have;
·         how does your self-talk make you feel;
·         does the inner critic have a stronger say then you loving self;
·         are you stressed, scattered, complaining and negative or
·         calm, organised and have space in your life to be still.

This is what this quote is talking about and summaries the 6 energy. 

Overall the 6 energy is about mental projection.  What you think (and this also includes subconscious and unconscious thought patterns) is filtered out through our arc line.  Sending out signals to the environment around you, so that you are on alert to look out for and receive what you have put out there.  You know how when you like something specific, like a yellow car, then all of a sudden you notice these things everywhere.  That is the arc line sending out the signals you are mentally projecting


Now can you understand the reason for saying that 6 is a potent number?

Since this is a heart number, the energy of 6 is working like the needle on the compass.  It is pulling you back on course of the 2 energy of cooperation and balance.  This means that the energy of the 6 is directing you, both when it is expanded and when it is conflicted.

When expanded there will be a sense of introspective calmness that is generated internally from having space in your mind.  This allows clarity, perspective and a feeling of self-containment, regardless of what life throws at you.  From here you will feel a trust in what is happening, even if it doesn’t make sense to you.  Things that you need will come into your sphere at the right time and right space.  This is the energy that we are being asked to operate from throughout this year.

Of course we are only human, we are meant to make mistakes.  This is when the conflicted energy comes in.  The conflicted energy tells us we have fallen off the tracks.  This provides us with opportunities to return back to the expanded energy of the 6. 

The 6 gives up the blessing of acceptance so firstly accept that it’s okay to fall off the rails.  Than move you focus onto what are you envisioning? 

·         Where has your head been to bring forth this conflicted energy? 
·         Are you attempting to control things and make them go your way?
·         Are you feeling highly stung out and with so much to do and not able to let go of any of this?
·         Do you have to stay busy just for busyness stake?
·         Do you swing from being optimistic and energetic to depressed and depleted?

These are all just gentle cues to say

“Hey slow down.  Breathe.  What is it that your quiet inner voice is actually asking you to do right now?” 
And then it is simple, do what is being asked of you. 
And if you don’t know what that is. 
Sit a little longer in quietness, breathing deeply and just enjoying the calm that this creates. 
Often that is enough.

The Base Number is 8

Now that we have the understanding, of the needle of our inner compass to point us through 2024, where is this year taking us?  What are the details of the journey ahead?

The journey is the sum of the whole 2024; so the 8 energy. 

8 is the power number, the number of abundance. 

Now wait before you go into that thought of “OH yes! Bring me the money.” 

We can have abundance of many things.  Abundance of joy, abundance of hope, abundance of worries, abundance of fears, abundance of things to do

Can you now see how the 6 energy is the needle of the compass for the year ahead? 
What you think will come to you in abundance. 

But since the 8 energy is the base energy year ahead, life will give you an abundance of opportunities as well.  Opportunities for you to decide how to mental project your thoughts about these situations.  This is where the power of the 8 comes from. 

When working with the 8 energy it is always potent to look at the actual way the figure 8 is written.  There is a circle up the top and a circle at the bottom and both circle meet at a single point in the middle.  This explains the whole way that the 8 energy works. 

The bottom circle is easy to understand.  This is your everyday life,       

·         your material world
·         where you interact with people,
·         do jobs required of you and
·         physically do things, 
·         everything you own is a part of this world. 

The top circle is all the other stuff. 

·         it is where your head is at,
·         it is your sense of belonging,
·         it is your faith,
·         it is your connection to Spirit (we all have one …. It just might not be active), and
·         it is your quiet, calm inner voice that whispers to you what you need to do …
not what you would like to do or have to do but what you actually need to do.

The remaining part of the figure 8 is the small, point of connection between the two circles.  This is the most important aspect of how the 8 energy works.  This is a meeting point, or a rest spot, or in yogic terms bindu

A space where you just are, where there is nothing happening.  You are just resting in stillness connecting to the wholeness and harmony of oneness.  From here clarity, energy and capacity is received. 

It is like the break in conversations where you have a moment to really get what is being said.  But this time the break is in your inner conversations

This understanding helps highlight the path of 2024 which the 8 is providing. 

Embrace the challenge to bring balance between you inner and material world through:

·         giving space in your life to sit within stillness. 
·         to find pauses in life. 
·         to step away from the doing for a moment and
·         most importantly to breathe. 
·         Can you notice the pauses in your breath?

These simple acts allows for interconnectedness so you experiences wholeness and harmony. 

From this space, act, carrying forth any insights into your everyday material world as this is real abundance

Can you see how 2024 is an important aspect of balancing the 2 energy of cooperation and balance for humanity?

May 2024 bring you happy manifesting, clear projecting and powerful capacity to act.


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