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We are all Empowered Everyday People

The wheels are turning and so often we are lost within the churning of life wondering what the purpose of it all is. During these time a deep breath is needed and a re-connection to the beauty way.

Beauty is everywhere ... even when the road ahead can not be seen

It is easy to become caught up in the despair. We all have experiences that shutter us, knock us for a six, cripple us and bring forth questions about who we are, what are we doing and what is the purpose of it all.

What lays ahead?

Today is the 8th day of the 8th month so it is perfect timing to be talking about the journey of power into #empowerment.

The energy behind the eight is to interact with the finite world around us by engaging in communion with the #Infinite nature of #Creation. This is where real power lays.

As you can image this is the shift that is needed within humanity at this current time.

The truth that this #Earth is finite and the resources that we devour everyday have an end ... an end which is insight.

This can lead to the sense of being dis-empowered.

What can I possible do in the face of such a downward spiral of destruction? This is where the connection to the Infinite #Source, that we are, comes into play.

We all have the power to make great happen within our lives.

Something amazing happens when we #listen to the inner knowing, that has be triggered by the despair and questioning.

This allows for the great, that you can make happen, to be aligned with #purpose, instead of being driven by #ego; or a desire to accumulate; or even the need to be recognized for achievements made.

The great, that you can make happen, is empowering yourself within everyday decisions ... to become a member of tribe of empowered everyday people.

How to become an empowered everyday person?

This month is teaching us this.

  • The #energy of the eight is here to provide an opportunity to observe and understand the relays you have within life on all levels and the impact that these create.

  • The subtle energy of the 9 is the gift for this month (10 + 8= 1+8 =9. 10 is the heart number of 2019). This subtle energy is asking us to notice the ripple effects of our actions ... both positive and negative.

  • The energy of the nine is all focused on understanding true #knowledge. The polarity of this is either through mastery where you study and rely on data and statistics. The other end of the polarity is about being tapping into the #universalmind and allowing the mystery to bring forth the clarity.

  • To put it simple ... you either access the Internet or you access the Ethernet. Ether is a yogic term for the element of space. In other words the energy of the cosmos that operates within and through everything. Access to both the Internet and the Ethernet is needed to bring forth the #clarity of conscious decision making.

  • This month’s gift is to play within this polarity so each of us to find our individual balance of how we access knowledge and information.

Accessing Information as an Empowered Everyday Person

Let’s ponder the role that empowerment has within this duality of accessing the truth, via both means of accessing information.

Firstly let’s look at Mastery through the Gathering of Information.

This is the Aquarian Age, the Information Age. Everyone has access to any #information at any time at the touch of the button.

It is a wonderful #blessing and is allowing you to read this blog right now, which in turn is opening up your intellect to the process of empowerment. Also accessing information means that we are no longer bound to the hierarchy where information was relayed depending on your statues or position.

The downside of this Aquarian Age, this age of Information, is the sheer width of exposure of data that we are subjected too.

Having the ability to know anything and everything makes so much #possible. There are so many choices, so many options, so many opinions, so many directions one can choose.

This sense of so much to do, see, learn, and know is being emphasized this year due to the overall path of 2019 being the three energy. The three is all about seeing opportunity everywhere. And this is exactly what the Information Age is about.... endless opportunity ... everywhere.

Whilst this might sound incredible, let’s be realistic about the impacts of this on our human psyche.

This access to information has happened so fast that your psyche has not had the chance to catch up, and it impacts on your #nervoussystem, or emotional well-being and our #mentalstate.