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What is "Love Actually?"

"Love is Love." It is amazing how two very simple words can bring forth such deep understanding of one of the most misunderstood, overused and falsely interpreted words ... #Love This #blog is a short tale of my personal journey into embrace the totality that is love.

How would you describe love?

Unlike most stories, this one does not have a defined starting point. So lets use a traditional way to start a story. A phrase which actually has a lot too answer for, in regards to people's strewed and wrap ideas of love. Once upon a time .....

The Goddess and The Demon

Once upon a time, not so long ago, a twenty year old divine #Goddess was lost among the shadows of confusion. An #innerwar battled onward ensuring the numbing out of the #light. The shadow was winning and this Goddess had no understanding of the depth of her #powers.

During the brief moments, when the light shone brighter, a quick retreat always occurred. A retreat back into the comforts of limitations and being small. It seemed that the Goddess was almost siding with the #darkness.

It was during an intense battle, one of partying and disgrace that a knight in shining armor appeared. Hang on that's the story that we are told when young.... the #fairytale of - stay stuffed up until someone rescues you, than all of a sudden everything is rosy with singing birds landing on your shoulders whilst rabbit play at your feet.

There is no #knight in shining armor here, so let's fix that up. In the middle of an intense battle a #demon, who had befriended and found peace within the shadows, saw this Goddess of light and recognized she was trapped. The demon instantly softened within the presence of this Goddess and know from that moment that

"Love just is."
  • The Goddess felt at ease around the demon.

  • The Goddess felt empowered to show her light around the demon.

  • The Goddess felt the demon standing strongly by her side.

  • The Goddess felt the demon drawing swords with her in a battle to step away from the limitations and the comfort of the darkness into the growth and adventure of living within the light.

  • The Goddess flourished when in the company of the demon, and

  • The Goddess become aware and comfortable with the space of expansive #divinity within her.

The funny thing though was that the Goddess was so confused. She thought of love as this notion of when it happens all else falls away and you become lost in a world of fantasy infused adventures and the battles inside just stop.

But the demon did not want the Goddess to let everything fall away. The demon did not want for the Goddess to loss her Self. The demon saw the light this Goddess and encouraged the expansion of this light within every moment they shared.

And so the story of experiencing the true nature of love began.

The Passing of Many Moons

Many moons passed and the Goddess started to become radiant in her light, working with dedication and passion to release the shackles of #limitations, that the shadows had hooked deeply into her. Meanwhile the demon found his incredible #innerstrength and transformed into his true nature of a #spiritual #warrior.

All the time, they still stood side by side, drawing swords backing each other through their inner battles.

Now a great battle was forged during the Goddess time bomb years (for those not familiar with tantric #numerology and lifestyles this starts at 33 years of age and finished during your 36th year). This four year battle was a journey of transforming completely into the strength and light of her fullest #potential that the #Kundalini had awaken.

This journey started with a #Kundaliniyoga level two teacher training module - #Authenticrelationships. The weapon of mass destruction towards the inner doubt that the darkness used so effectively, was three little words:


Sitting in retreat for a week was the initial battle field. Concepts were thrown around moment after moment, day after day, that were like homing missiles attacking any misconceived ideas around love. Hang on let's put it correctly, attacking the misconceived idea that love is limiting your #selfworth to focus on the contentment of another whilst stepping further and further away from the real #identity of who you are.

Some of #YogiaBhajan missiles of exploring light and radiance, where:

You will just be you. There will be a #husband, but there will be no husband. There will only be you. There will be a #wife, but no wife. There will be you.
Love is an absolute power of self-totality. Love is not what you think love is. Love is a strength. Love is a goodness, like Godliness. There is no limit to it. There is no shortage in it. There is no bargaining in it. Where there is love, there is no question. Where there is a question, there is no love.
Love without #trust does not exist. Love is a strength of trust. Trust is the test of love.
Because we have a feeling of separation, we search for oneness in our #relationships. We want fulfillment. However there is no one who can fulfill the pain of separation of the soul. It is a dharmic practice which continues to fill the emptiness and allows one to serve in a relationship, rather than needing fulfillment from the other person.
Love is a force. Love is a #creativeforce within a human which makes the impossible possible. Infinite as finite.

Than there was this one