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Details about individual items, including what intention the mala holds, and the crystals used within the design.  

Expression Mala * Choker * Insight

Expression Mala * Choker * Insight

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2021 is a year of moving forward despite the unknown. This mala assists with the intention of moving forward through bringing balance into one’s life though the connection to your insight. This connection assists in 2021 as it provides clarity around which possibilities are best inline for you


This collection has been design to sit comfortable around the base of the neck to activate the throat chakra provide support for clear expression.


Intention: Powerful Connection to Insight

Crystals: Bloodstone, Smoky Quartz, Labradorite, Black Obsidian

Mantra: Guru Dev (Transparent teacher within)

Affirmation: "I am acting upon the wisdom of inner knowledge."


For some people they are also able to wear expression malas wrapped twice around their wrist. Check measurements for this.