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Details about individual items, including what intention the mala holds, and the crystals used within the design.  

Surrender Wrist Mala - Beauty


This surrender mala  is created with no pattern or order to create the energy of letting go for the allowing of the unfolding.  Surrender malas have energy which often seem chaotic, an energy so often used by Creation to bring forth change.


Intention: Seeing Beauty Everywhere through Non-Judgement


Crystals: Yellow Jade, African Jade, Agate, Blue Aventurine, Jasper, Labradorite, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Black Obsidian, Moonstone, Tiger Skin Jasper, Leopard Skin Jasper, Angelite


Mantra: Sa Ta Na Ma Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung


Affirmation: “I am at ease with releasing that which no longer serves me.”


All malas come with instructions on how to use them and care for them as well as cards on the healing properties for each crystal in the mala

  • Sizing Information

    Wrap malas – wrist measurement

    When purchasing a pre-made wrist mala or a wrap mala it is recommended that you measure your wrist and compare it to the size for that individual mala you are interested in.

    If you are ordering a personalised wrist or wrap mala your wrist measurement will be required.

    Two different measurements are needed.

    The first measurement is the distance around the wrist, just where your hand meets your arm. Make sure the measuring tape is tight.

    The second measurement is around the widest part of your hand, with the thumb tucked in. This is mainly for wrist malas to ensure they will fit over the hand once the clip is undone and the safety chain extended. It is also to ensure that the safety chain is not too long once extended; otherwise the mala will fall off your hand.

    Small malas fit a wrist circumference of 16cm and under; with hand circumference in-between 19-21cm.

    Medium malas fit wrist circumference of 16-18cm; with hand circumference in-between 20-22cm.

    Large malas fit wrist circumference of 18-20cm; with hand circumference in-between 21-24cm.

    Wrist malas can be re-sized if you are really drawn to a particular mala.                   

    If you need more support with this please use the contact page to ask Mala Alchemy for assistance.

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