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Details about individual items, including what intention the mala holds, and the crystals used within the design.  

Traditional 108 Bead Mala * Essential Oil * Transformation

Traditional 108 Bead Mala * Essential Oil * Transformation

2020 indicates the start of a new decade, which brings around paradigm shifts.  The old way of individual focus and striving with effort is shifting into co-operation and togetherness.  This mala is an incredible tool to assist with the transformations that will occur whilst experiencing peace.Intention: Peaceful Transformation Crystals: Rutilated Quartz, Green Rutilated Quartz, African Jade, Lava, Rhodonite,Labradorite, LavaMantra: Humee Hum Brahm HumAffirmation: "I am resonating with Divine Infinite force."
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