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Mala Alchemy

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Mala?
    A mala is a simple, effective meditative tool which can help reduce stress and enhance wisdom, patience and health. A mala consists of 108, 54 or 27 beads with one larger bead called the Guru Bead.
  • How to use a Mala?
    Use your mala by moving the beads through a finger & thumb of either hand. Move the beads towards the body. Start at the bead near the Guru Bead. Move each bead until you reach the Guru Bead again. Hold the Guru bead then flip the beads around & start again. Never go past the Guru bead. There are also may other ways you can you a mala. Just wearing your mala connects you with the intention set in your mala. Try holding the Guru Bead while focusing your intention. Use your mala through your hand whilst walking. Run the malas through your fingers whilst waiting in queues, on trains or enjoying tea.
  • How to care for my Mala?
    Store in a gentle cloth or material bag when not being worn or used. Try not to wear them in the shower. Clean your mala regularly. Wash quickly in sea or salt water or place in the sun or moon light for a few hours. Alternatively you can smudge your malas.
  • How to Measure my Wrist?
    When purchasing a pre-made wrist mala it is recommended that you measure your wrist and compare it to the size for that individual mala you are interested in. If you are ordering a personalised wrist or wrap mala your wrist measurements will be required. Two different measurements are needed. The fist measurement is the distance aroudn the wrist, just where your hand meets your arm. Make sure the measuring tape is tight. The second measurement is aroun the widest part of the hand, with the thumb tucked in. This is to sneusre that wrist malas fit over the hand once the clip is undone and the safety chain extended. This measurement also ensures that the wrist (when the safety chain is extended) and wrap malas wont fall off your hand. Small malas fit a wrist circumference of 16 cm and under, with hand circumference in-between 20-22cm. Medium malas fit a wrist circumference of 16-18cm, with hand circumference in-between 20-22 cm. Large malas fit a wrist circumference of 18-20 cm, with hand circumference in-between 21-24 cm. Wrist malas can be re-sized if you are really drawn to a particular mala. If you need more support with this please use the contact page to aske Mala Alchemy for assistance.
  • Can a Mala that has already be purchased be re-ordered?
    Mala Alchemy prides itself in providing unique, one of a kind malas. We also understand that people often are drawn to a mala which has be purchased by someone else. In these situtations, a personalised mala is created which is inspired by the orgininal mala seen. It is tailored around the crystals used in the orgininal mala but the pattern design will vary slightly as well as the guru bead on the end. To order a mala that is similiar to an already purchased one please complete the personalised mala form and record the Name of the Mala you were drawn too. If you would like to discuss this in more detail please feel free to contact Mala Alchemy directly.
  • How can feedback be provided?
    Communication with you is extremely important to Mala Alchemy. Any form of feedback, queries or communication is welcome. Feedback is greatly appreciated after receiving your malas, especially the personalised ones. This assists in enhancing and improving all aspects of Mala Alchemy. At this stage the most effective way to communicate directly is via the contact us section of this website. Reviews or feedback are also welcome on the Facebook Page Mala Alchemy. All communications are responded too within a timely fashion. So please feel free to contact us with any suggestions or feedback knowing that it will be received openly and responded too in a benefical way. Sat Nam
  • What materials are used in the jewellery?
    All the jewellery created by Mala Alchemy use semi-precious stones. The use of crystals enhance the intent set with each mala. In addition to the use of crystals you will also find pearls, coral and lava beads. This beads also hold energy to assist in enhancing the energy of the mala. All effect is taken to ensure that the crystals are natural and not synthetic and preferably undyed. However dyed natural gem stones are used in some instances. The spaces are glass beads and a wide range of pendants are sort after to add a special finishing touch to the mala. No animal products are used in the making of the malas, so silk thread has been replaces and flux leather tassels are used.
  • Does Mala Alchemy do repairs?
    Mala Alchemy ensures each mala is create with high standard care. If there is any concern with the craftmanship Mala Alchemy will re-thead the mala. Also provided is a 6 months repair warranty where malas can be re-theaded if the string or knots break... even if it is at fault of the owner... accidents happen. Mala Alchemy will also repair malas created by them even after the 6 month period. There is a charge associated with this. The cost is decided by the size of the mala and whether beads need replacing do to being lost when the mala broke. The best way to approach this is to contact Mala Alchemy directly with an enquiry about mala repair. Requests are received frequently about repairing of malas that have not been purchased through Mala Alchemy. Often these malas have knots after every bead, which weakens the thread. These knots create a big problem when needing to rethread a mala. It is extremely time consuming and also often the string has rotten in the beads and won't come out of the hole. Due to this factors Mala Alchemy has made a decision not to repair malas not purchased through Mala Alchemy. It ends up being a very expensive process and at the end of the day the mala will end up looking different to the orginial design. If you have a strong sentimental reason for repairing a mala please contact Mala Alchemy directly to discuss this.
  • Can personalised malas be ordered for some one else as a gift?
    This is an BIG FAT YES .... DEFINITELY. Personalised malas make one of the most heart-felt divine gifts imaginable. Mala Alchemy loves designing malas that are being gifted for special occassions. Have created many Christmas and brithday gifts. But also making malas for weddings and anniversaries are also a wonderful gift. The special effort made by you to order a personalise gift for someone is really felt and appreciated by them. You can use the personalised mala form and add in the comments that it is a gift or contact Mala Alchemy directly to discuss this more in detail.
  • Are gift vouchers avaialbe?
    There are a few ways to provide gifts. One select a mala from the range. Two order a personalised mala, or Three gift voucher. At this stage please contact Mala Alchemy directly for this option. Online purchasing of gift vouchers will be coming soon.
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