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Mala Alchemy

Store Policies

Customer Care

 At mala alchemy it is of highest priority that customers needs are heard and responded too in a beneficial  and timely way. 

No question is too small or to big for asking. 

Mala Alchemy understands that communication is the keystone to ensuring customers receive a meditative talisman that is align with their needs and is suited to their taste. 

Mala alchemy is open to engage in as little or as much communication as needed to assist the customer in the purchasing of their mala or in regards to wellness services that are offered.

Mala Alchemy takes much pride in creating unique, one of a kind malas that are of high craftsmanship and produced from natural gemstones. 

The autonomy of the japa mala and other prayer bead designs are respected and have a higher value than the fashion appeal of the beads. 

Therefore the prayer beads created at Mala Alchemy are more than stunning jewellery items, they are first and foremost empowering meditation tools.

Go to, about us, to  find about more about Mala Alchemy.

Please feel free to connect to gain more information.

Privacy & Safety

So you know, your email and mobile phone number will be used by Mala Alchemy alone to send updates about products and services. 

Understand that we are often overloaded with correspondence so at anytime please feel free to unsubscribe or request stop to text messages. 

A great way to stay connected is via Facebook or Instagram,


  Also any personal information discussed during wellness sessions or for the intention setting process for personalized malas will be respected with full confidentiality.

Wholesale Inquiries

Mala Alchemy's prayer beads are a stunning addition to any yoga studio or health care clinic. 

A wholesale system is available based on a 30% commission.  

Fore more information contact Mala Alchemy.

Pricing and Payment

Payments are required at the time of purchasing a mala. 

Once the funds are cleared the mala will be posted to the address provided.  

Payments for personalised malas are required at the time of purchasing. 

Once funds are cleared the designing of the mala will occur. 

This can take up to two weeks.

Quotes will be received for customized jewellery.   

Payment is required to finalise the quote. 

Once funds are cleared any required bead orders will occur, followed by the designing of ordered item. 

This can take up to a month.

The main payment methods is through Paypal. 

Direct debit transfer is available upon request. 

Payment Methods
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