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Personalised Malas

Mala Alchemy can create a personalised mala just for you, based on your needs, desires and intent.

Your Needs... Your Life....
Your Personalised Mala

* Intention Setting * Numerology Insights * Crystal therapy * Mantra & Meditation *


Have an exquisite, hand-crafted crystal mala personally designed for you.


Select an intention and provide your date of birth. 

Mala Alchemy will then create a meditative talisman specifically for you.

Your mala is infused with the power of your chosen intention.

Enhanced with the wisdom from your numerology numbers.

Attuned with mantra

And empowered through crystal therapy.

Click on the gallery to order your a personalised mala or to find out more information about each product.

Be originally you!
Have a mala created to be uniquely one-of-a-kind...
just like you
Large Traditional Mala

Personalised Traditional Large 108 Bead Mala

Personalised 108 bead mala

Personalised Traditional 108 bead mala

Personalised Heart Centred Mala

Personalised Heart Centred Mala

Delux personalised package

Deluxe Personalised Mala Package


Leigh has purchased numerous personalised malas for herself as well as for gifts.  Leigh felt that a picture expresses a thousand words.  These photos have not be doctored but show how Leigh uses her malas around her home.

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