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Product Information

Details about individual items, including what intention the mala holds, and the crystals used within the design.  

Chakra Mala * Traditional  * Throat chakra * Expression

Chakra Mala * Traditional * Throat chakra * Expression


This chakra mala is made with 108 and is designed to active and balance the throat chakra through the use of crystals selected for their colour associated with the selected chakra as well as crystals that have healing properties associated with the selected chakras.


Intention: "Expressing Inner Guidance through Calm Activation of the Throat Chakra."

Crystals: Aquamarine, Angelite, Opalite, Sodalite, Agate, Hawk Eye / Blue Tiger Eye, Clear Quartz

Mantra: Sa Ta Na Ma (the cycle of rebirth)

Affirmation: "I am expressing my Self confidently through the power of love."


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