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Details about individual items, including what intention the mala holds, and the crystals used within the design.  

Home Windows Hanger Mala * Self-Acceptance

Home Windows Hanger Mala * Self-Acceptance

$40.00 Regular Price
$30.00Sale Price

2022 is about finding the stability within stillness and calmness through being centred in the here now; then from this space of intention, envisioning your higher ideal to create the world which you want to live in. 


The numerology for 2022 consists of the 4 in the heart number and 6 within the path number.  These numbers are made up of the base number of 2. 


This mala assists in managing these energies for the year ahead through showering self-acceptance upon the space where it is displayed.  Self-acceptance is crucial when working with the energy of 6 so that depression and over controlling doesn’t impact on what is being projected into our lives.


These half size malas are a perfect and simple way to create sacred space within the home or work space.  The crystals selected will amplify the intention set into the area where it is displayed.


Intention: Self-Acceptance through Purifying Heavy Emotions

Crystals: Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Unakite, Peridot   

Mantra: Gobinday (Sustainer)      

Affirmation: "I am sustained by being grounded in the here allowing love to flow through me."

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