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Details about individual items, including what intention the mala holds, and the crystals used within the design.  

Tantric Mala * Yogic Rosary * Intuition

Tantric Mala * Yogic Rosary * Intuition

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2022 is about finding the stability within stillness and calmness through being centred in the here now; then from this space of intention, envisioning your higher ideal to create the world which you want to live in.


The numerology for 2022 consists of the 4 in the heart number and 6 within the path number. These numbers are made up of the base number of 2.


This mala assists in managing these energies for the year ahead by activating deep intuition. The energy of 6 is based on listening and following guidance received via your intuition, so it is a wonderful time to dive deeper into enhancing this ability. This mala is a great tool to assist with this.  This will add in the step-by-step process, inline with the 4 energy, to aide in decision making that is the most potent for you.


This Yogic Rosary calls forth Grace to activate the Tantra Energy. This energy is the Infinite working for you and through you. The sacred geometry design of this mala activates within you the 8 Fold Path of yoga, bringing forth your Divinity - just by wearing it.


Intention: Enhancing Intutition and Protection of Wisdom


Crystals: Amazonite, Hematite, African Turquoise

Mantra: Saibhang (self-illuminating)


Affirmation: "I am surrendering to the direction of truth and wisdom through the stillness within each moment."


8 Fold Path of Yoga

1. Restraint / Discipline

2. Right Thought & Action

3. Posture / Regal Carriage

4. Breathing / Expansion

5. Contraction / Humility

6. One Pointedness / Focus

7. Meditation / Experience

8. Enlightenment / Absorption

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