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2021 Numerology Overview

2021 is here and a wave of relief seems to of washed through us all. It is not like much has actually changed but it does seem that a #newyear brings with it

  • #hope,

  • promise

  • a renewal that cleans the slate

  • offering a new canvas to create upon.

A window of time has closed and a new one has opened up. This is one of the reasons for loving numerology so much. It offers some context around the subtle shifts, the shifts you can sense has occurred despite the 3D world remaining the same.

Before looking at where we are heading lets look at where we have been.

2020, when looking at it through the lens of #numerology, heralded in the energy of the next decade. The 2 energy.

This energy that is about longing to belong, the #search of our tribe to only realise that our real #belonging is to source. That we are all one, living together as #humanity.

The previous year has definitely bought this to our #awareness.

On top of this 2 is about the negative #mind, our security guard keeping us safe. Once again the year just gone has definitely activated everyone’s negative mind weather in an expanded or conflicted aspect.

The path of 2020 was the 4, the neutral mind,

The neutral mind assists in the ability to rise above #emotions to provide #clarity around what is the right decision.

The neutral mind works with judgement, categorizing and controlling natures, both in the expanded and conflicted aspects. Yet again it is obvious to see the role that this has during 2020. How the 4 assists with these forms of energy is through offering the moments of #stillness and quietness within that creates a rise of internal reassurance. This is the magic of the 4, the pauses before and after the exhale.

Let these gifts of 2020 consciously set a foundation in our approach to life. Use the support of your safety net and the moments of stillness within to build upon as the energy of 2021 becomes the new now.

So where are we going? What is 2021 about?

The heart energy for 2021 is the three, the uplifting energy of the #positive mind that is optimistic and sees #possibilities everywhere.

This 3 is build up from the energy of the 2 and the 1, which means the optimism and enthusiasm will come from connecting to what makes you feel full by thinking with the heart whilst listening to the mind.

Overall the three energy will

  • brings #lightness,

  • open up #opportunities despite current situations,

  • bring a return to simple #fun through #connection to our local communities and the nature around us

  • creates #joy from #spontaneous decisions (which of course can always have counter effects so be aware of this).

Unlike the 2 energy which is stilling, heavy and holding back, the three energy creates a sense of being #unlimited with energetic forward movement.

The 3 energy is very much about the polarities of

  • good or bad;

  • fun or boring;

  • can or can’t.

This can result in categorizing, judgement, feelings of being #overwhelmed and uncertain around decision making. When this occurs use the gift from the year just gone, the gift of the 4 and sit in #observation of the paused within the breath and simply #smile. Smiling softly upon the face which brings in lightness. This is a simple way to tap the enthusiastic energy of 2021.

The path for 2021 is the 5. The energy of this number is all about teaching.

Embracing the notion that #life is the classroom whilst every person, circumstance and experience is a teacher offering a lesson. The main #purpose of these lessons is to be guided back to #balance within your life.

There is also a deeper level to this energy of the 5. It is to also recognize that you are the teacher to everyone that you interact with and within all circumstances.

Therefore how can you convey the #wisdom, #insights and understandings gained through the living classroom of life to offer guidance and service to those you interact with, whilst still being a student of life at the same time.

An important note here. There is a difference between a preacher and a teacher.

  • A preacher states their #truth and knowledge from a pedestal despite how they integrate the lessons life gives them.

  • A teacher #listens, observes, integrated than shares through the process of service. People learn through observing what the teacher does and how they interact within the world.

The 5 energy brings balance by

  • asking one to raise above the self-absorption of the #poorme

  • shifting focus on giving back to others.

  • finding the balance through listening to the physical body.

  • aware of when the tension eases and when it builds and letting this guide the balance of how much to give compared to focusing on the #self.

Overall this year has a brighter heart energy that can bring balance when listening to the guidance of the inner wisdom, despite the circumstances of the external world.

Let the inner world shine bright.

Move and nurture the body.

And open up to the possibilities everywhere by rising above the judgement.

Keep beaming your beauty

Would love to hear your thought and read your comments

And please share this blog with those whom you feel will be inspired and gain something from it.

Sat Nam

Vicki Murtagh

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