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Cleansing and Charging Crystals

Oh no! Forgot to put your crystals out on the full moon. What else can you do? There are so many options: salt, earthing, sun, and the list goes on.

Lay crystals in the beams of the full moon is one of the most common ways to cleanse them

Owning crystals is very common now days. And most people who wear crystals or use them around the house are #aware of the need to cleanse them. This #blog provides #insights into the reasons for cleansing #crystals and the numerous ways that this can happen. First off let's look at why bother to clean your crystals

Why cleansing crystals is needed?

Crystals do so much for us on an #energy level. They take in so much debris from our energy fields whilst transmuting our frequencies to different levels.

Whilst there is still constant debate from scientific communities about whether crystals have impact on our energetic field there is actual proof of crystals being active and responsive to interactions within their energy field. Below are some example, provided from BBC Earth, of crystals interacting with different elemental influences ... and if is just wonderful. It is like magic in action.

If you squeeze a crystal of #quartz, it generates a tiny electric current. The pressure on the crystal's surface forces ions within it to move out of position, upsetting the overall charge balance and turning the crystal into a tiny battery, with oppositely-charged faces. The phenomenon is known as the piezoelectric effect, and it also works in reverse. Pass an electric current through a quartz crystal, and it will squeeze itself.
The clear variety of #calcite bends light by two different amounts, producing a double image. This property is called birefringence. It's caused by discrepancies in the binding forces that hold the atoms of the crystal together. The forces are stronger in some directions than others.
When ultraviolet light shines on an #autunite crystal, it imparts energy to electrons within the crystal's uranium atoms. Each excited electron jumps momentarily away from the nucleus of its atom, then falls back. When the electrons drop back, they release bursts of visible #light.

So regardless of your stance on crystals and the purpose they play within their interactions with human, there is proof that interacting with crystals does change, frequency, energy and light.

With this being considered there is high possibility of the #truth behind all the healing claims made around crystals. For those of us who live in a connected communion with crystals.... well we experience this as truth everyday. Crystals heal and create great change within our life.

Some changes that crystals assist with are:

Not only do crystals assist with such changes but they do this for not just you but also for everyone within their vicinity.

Crystals that are placed around the house, work on everyone with the household as well as the interactions between each person.

Crystals that are worn radiate out their energy towards the people who enter and leave your field.

Whilst cystals placed in cars, well they are holding space for everyone you are sharing the road will.

Considering this crystals are exposed to a large amount of elemental influences that impact on their structure and their energy output.

So often people share their experiences about the energy they feel from the malas

Allostatic Load

Allostatic load is the wear and tear on the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the body due to elemental impacts, otherwise known as stressors.

We all have a level of stress that we can manage but once we reach that level the pressure starts to build until we do something to release it.

Just like us crystals, well most crystals, have an allostatic load.

Crystals assist by taking on some levels of our #stress, by absorbing and transmuting them. In saying that, there is only a certain level crystals can absorb before they stop being efficient. This is the reason why crystals need an opportunity to release the build up of their #allostaticload. This is the reason for cleansing them.

Crystals often break when they threshold has been reached ... this frog became legless after going to a Big Day Out

How to cleanse your crystals?

There are so many ways that you can #cleansecrystals, but before discussinging this would like to touch upon a very important aspect, #communication.

It is important to develop a #communion with your crystals so you have a sense of what they are doing to assist you. This way each crystal will express how and when they need to be cleansed.

This is important because:

Crystals, as said earlier, do so much more for us than we are aware of. Often crystals will work for a long period of time on cleaning and shifting; transmuting and transforming specific changes and #healing within the subtle realm of our being. This means that we really don't have a full understanding or appreciation for the work that the crystals are actually doing. It is important to listen to your crystals in regards to cleansing them so not too interfere with the healing process that the crystal is engaging in.

Learn to listen to your crystals?

If you are familiar with crystals you will know that they have a resonates that connects with you through subtle interactions.

This means that crystals grab your attention when they need it. Sometimes a certain crystal will be around you for a long time than it will just disappear only to reappear sometime later on ... usually in a place that you look for it several times before #LOL. It is all a part of the mystical joy of working with crystals.

To deepen your communion with crystals here are a few points:

  • if you are thinking about a crystal go and find it among your collection. If it is a new crystal that you have not yet received keep aware of it. No need to rush out and find it. Keep it in your awareness and it will soon come your way.

  • have a place within your house where you pack away your crystals and crystal jewellery. That way when a crystal is taken out of this place it is selected through the energy of #intent.

  • keep a variety of crystals around your home in different locations and change them over when you dust or re-arrange your ornaments. This way crystals are there and will be played with, touched, picked up as the household goes around their daily life.

  • placing crystals on your bed side table and holding them within your hand as you #sleep is a very powerful way to start to listen and integrate the healing

  • work with #intention. It is best to hold a crystal and just feel what is being transmuted instead of attempting to shape the intention into words.

  • place crystals next to you whilst bathing, #relaxing or having a cuppa tea.

  • when #journalling have crystals on the book or in your non-writing hand

  • most importantly #letgo of trying to make sense of it, of trying to know what is going on and attempting to control the purpose of a particular crystal. Even if a crystal is purchased for a particular purpose it will have many more lifetimes to engage in after it has completed its work in regards to that purpose

  • And finally be okay with not knowing and just let the crystals do what they do.

Ways to cleanse your crystals?

It is lovely to have a little ritual or ceremony around cleansing your crystals as this deepens your connection with the divine crystals that have chosen to be a part of your life. It might be as simple as engaging in #gratitude or playing #mantras or as complex as open sacred space, bringing in guides and creating a cleansing grid with your crystals.

This ceremony used chanting, sacred space, sound bathing, smudging, herbs and essential oil spray

A ceremony does not have to happen every time they are cleansed. Also not every crystal you have, needs to be cleansed every time. Also you can have a few different methods that you for cleansing. Importantly, remember that there is no correct way, just your way for cleansing your crystals. You may select to do some of these techniques together or even come up with your own little process.

Full moon

  • Place the crystals outside in a position where they will be directly exposed to moonlight, personally like to lay them on the grass. Ideally it is place them at sunset and bring them in just after sunrise the next morning. For expensive jewellery items or crystals that you hold dear and want to keep safe placing on a window seal or a raised veranda will also create an opportunity for cleansing

Sun Light

  • This is a great way to burn off the negativity and stagnation absorbed by the crystals is by placing them in direct sunlight for a few hears, especially during sunrise or sunset. Be mindful of too much sun expose though as it can create the colouring of crystals to fade.

Some crystals that may fade due to over exposure to the sun are: Amethyst, Fluorite, Aquamarine, Celstite, Citrine, Opal, Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Kunzite, Turquoise.

Salt Water

  • There is something magical about allowing the waves to wash over your crystals. With my malas often will lay them on the water's edge and allow the waves to gentle wash away all the debris that the crystals have absorbed. If you have a lot of tumble stones place them in a material bag tying it up and take it for a swim with you. If you are not at the beach placing salt in a glass bowl with spring water works perfectly well.

Flowing Water

  • We all know how sitting next to a flowing creek makes us feel. The same for crystals. Placing them in the rocks where the water flows over them is extremely cleansing and brings a calmness to the crystals. And don't forget about rain, one of the most wonderful sources of flowing water for cleansing crystals.

Important Note: Some crystals are impacted by water so it is best to avoid cleansing the following crystals in anyway that may result in them becoming wet: Amber, turquoise, red coral, opal, moonstone, calcite, kyanite, kunzite, angelite, azurite, selenite. A good rule of thumb: Many stones that end in “ite” are not water-friendly
Revitalizing your crystals in running water or salt water


  • Personally this is one of my favourite ways to cleanse crystals. Earthing means connecting to a part of land that has a strong magnetic pull. Some examples are the grass, especially with the morning dew. Sand is incredible. And soil, well it is Earth so it has an incredible magnetic pull. Laying the crystals on the Earth or even burying them is a wonderful way to cleanse as it symbolizes giving back to the Earth so the waste can be composted. Often bury or position crystals on the dirt under a rosemary bush ... which takes us to the next option

Using Herbs

  • There is a wide range of herbs that have cleansing properties. These herbs can be used in many ways to cleanse crystals. If you have a plant growing in your yard you can place the crystals under the plant or drape crystal jewellery over the leaves. Cuttings from plants can be laid to make a bed for the crystals to sit upon. If the herbs are dried they can be burnt allowing the smoke to smudge the crystals. Essential oils of these cleansing herbs can be added to a diffuser and crystals passed through the mist or if the crystals can tolerate water cleansing sprays made with the essential oils can be also used

Some cleansing herbs that are useful for cleansing crystals are: white sage, sage, holy basil (tulsi basil), rosemary, clary sage, lavender, juniper
Have always had an affiliation with using Rosemary for cleansing

Other crystals

  • There are a few crystals that as so powerful that instead of absorbing energy that actually obliviate it into Infinity. That description maybe a little exaggerated but it highlights the power of these crystals. One of the most effective and simplest way to cleanse crystals is to have a medium to large size piece of one of these crystals and just drape your jewellery, malas or small crystals over the top of it.

  • Crystals grids set up with these crystals are fantastic to have around the home. They work on constantly cleansing out the energy of the household and you can place your crystals jewellery and #malas on the grid for cleansing.

Crystals that can be used to cleanse other crystals are clear quartz, amethyst, citrine, selenite, kyanite and carnelian

Sound Bathing

  • Everything is vibration so therefor using sound offers a powerful way to cleanse crystals. Sound bathing crystals used a single pitch or tone to wash over the crystal bringing it into the same vibration as the tone. Chanting, singing bowls, tuning forces or a bell can be use to create the sound. The song needs to be consistent for about 5 to 10 minutes and loud enough for the vibration to encompass the whole crystal.

Fill the Void - Recharge and Reconnect with your Crystals

When you cleanse out crystals it is a complete wipe out. It is like the programming has been removed and new data needs to be installed. All the intentions, encoding, and messages that where in the crystal has been returned to the Universe and now the crystals are anew ready for their next assignment. This is where charging your crystals comes in.

Charging provides an opportunity to reinstall an intention to bring forth the next level of healing, or to focus on a completely different purpose. Charging is also an opportunity to allow the crystals connection to the akashic records so to awaken energy and direction about their next purpose. This process allows crystals to be primed with information about when and where they are needed in regards to their connection, communion and healing.

Personally find this part of the process very #meditative and allow my #thinkingmind to stay well away. It is an opportunity for the crystals and my subtle body, also know as the #astralbody to commune. Once again charging your crystals is very personal and can be done is a numerous way. Let your #intuition guide you.

Suggestions on how to re-charge your crystals:

Some of the methods used for cleansing crystals can also be used for recharging them as well. An idea is to do one method for cleansing than follow it with another method for recharging.

Here are some favorite ways to re-calibrate the vibration of a crystal after it has been cleansed:

  • blessing with #gratitude than playing the crystals in a jewellery box or draws used just for crystals. This is like their resting place where they can take the time they need to realign. They will summon you when they are ready to by used

  • using larger crystals as a bed to rest smaller stones or jewellery on

  • using essential oil sprays or burning #essentialoils near the crystals; oils that have been selected for a specific focus

  • mantra and chanting

  • sleeping with them under your pillow

  • #crystalgrids are wonderful as they can cleanse and recharge at the same time; depending on the crystals that are used. Crystals can be placed in the grid, such as quartz and kyanite, that cleanse; whilst other crystals that are inline with your current intention can be used to recharge the crystals.

Most importantly have #fun with the crystals and let your #innerchild play. This is one of the most powerful ways to make crystals responsive and connected to you.

Sat Nam Beautiful People

Thank you for reading the #blog. Trusting you found some insightful and useful #wisdom among these words. Would love to hear your views so please #comment And if you feel that others will benefit from this blog please #share.

Keep beaming your beauty

Vicki Murtagh

Founder of Mala Alchemy

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