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Kundalini Yoga: Scientific Technology for Happiness

"What is this? It is not yoga! But I LOVE it." These words were expressed during the first Kundalini yoga class ever attended. An experience that changed the course of my life. So, what is this Kundalini yoga?

The most explicit definition of Kundalini Yoga

A frequently ask question, that still does not have a solid answer is, "What is Kundalini Yoga?"

You may have questions right now like, "How can someone be a practitioner and teacher of something for nearly a decade and not be able to answer such a simple question?"

Well, how do you summarize an answer about a technology that has been the main catalyst for transformation within one's life? Kundalini yoga has paved the way for stepping into the courage of living the truth of my Self. Kundalini yoga and meditation is the core medicine within my self-care first aide tool box. This medium supports the growth and encouragement that allows acceptance to be all that I am.... hence the hesitation to find the words to answer what seems such a basic question... "What is Kundalini yoga?"

The truth is there are answers but none of them really dive deep into a complete explanation of what Kundalini yoga is. They seem like standard text book responses. It would be worth sharing some of these at this point though, to provide some content around this incredible art form for those whom have not experienced this practice.

Standard responses to the question-"What is Kundalini Yoga?"

"Kundalini yoga is a holistic yoga that incorporates all elements of yoga, such as movement, breath, mantra, relaxation, meditation; all in one class"
"Kundalini yoga is a completely different branch of yoga compared to hatha base ones we are most familiar with. Hatha creates clarity and connection through the physical body. Kundalini creates clarity and connection through the endocrine and energy systems."
"Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness. You close your eyes. You breathe. And you sit in acceptance of the totality of who you are."
"Kundalini yoga is an experience. It is something that can not be intellectualized and discussed. It has to be done as the journey is different for everyone."
"Kundalini yoga is the yoga of householders. This means that is stems from a lineage of yogis who did not renounce society but stayed in the villages and lived a "normal" life. This has resulted in a yoga system perfect for today's modern times. The practices provide the vitality and mindset needed for functioning effectively within the demands of life."

And there are many more responses that can provide an idea, a snippet of explanation of what #kundaliniyoga is, but most seem to raise more question than provide clarity.

That is the reason for loving the definition provided by Yogi Bhajan, which was shared in a the picture at the beginning of this #blog. So much depth is provided within the quote. Would love to take the opportunity to provide some more insights around the potent aspects from the definition provided by #yogibhajan

"Kundalini yoga is the uncoiling of the being."

Kundalini is a dormant energy that lays within the energy bodies near the base of the spine. This is the energy of our fullest potential.

Kundalini yoga is:

  • a technology that develops your #awareness of who you are

  • the process of sitting in self-acceptance embracing the totality of you, that you are perfectly imperfect just as the Divine intended you too be

  • the journey of really understanding your core calling, #purpose, passions and contribution to the evolution of humanity

  • working deeply with the Sat Nam, "Truth is my Identity." This process peels away layers of limitations, mind clutter, egoistic judgement and neurosis, replacing it with the expression of your essence that comes from the stillness within.

  • the path of the inner teacher. This technology creates a realization that nothing is outside of you, it is all within you. Therefore there technology creates the skills to sit within, listen to the #guidance of your highest knowing and use the resources provided to execute what is being asked of you.

Uncoiling of my potential. Notice the Astral Body. This is the Waha Guru! P.S not photo shopped at all

"It is the widening of the behaviour, and it is ultimate happiness in life."

Through the art of awareness Kundalini yoga provides space to embrace the wholeness of yourself through the practice of acceptance.

Kundalini yoga does this by:

  • providing practical tools that can be implemented into daily life creating an anchor for staying within a space of self-compassion and #love.

  • breaking the mask of the identities and roles that are so often used to form who we are but take us further away from that state of inner contentment.

  • allowing one to be okay with feeling uncomfortable or irritated within their own skin. So often when the negative mind and the ego band together or intense emotions arise, we look for an out. Kundalini yoga allows a space to sit with, "Well this is how "I am" right now and that is perfectly divine." This opens a deep self-love and facilitates the development of strong resistant to influences from the external world. Than our negative mind becomes our body guard; our #ego the sorting and categorizing mechanism of the mind; and our emotions a tool to accessing our #wisdom.

  • creates a training platform where we can master our mind and use this incredible tool to #empower our lives instead of being the puppet to our monkey mind. It is a technology for extremely potent re-calibration of one's #mindset