Kundalini Yoga: Scientific Technology for Happiness

"What is this? It is not yoga! But I LOVE it." These words were expressed during the first Kundalini yoga class ever attended. An experience that changed the course of my life. So, what is this Kundalini yoga?

The most explicit definition of Kundalini Yoga

A frequently ask question, that still does not have a solid answer is, "What is Kundalini Yoga?"

You may have questions right now like, "How can someone be a practitioner and teacher of something for nearly a decade and not be able to answer such a simple question?"

Well, how do you summarize an answer about a technology that has been the main catalyst for transformation within one's life? Kundalini yoga has paved the way for stepping into the courage of living the truth of my Self. Kundalini yoga and meditation is the core medicine within my self-care first aide tool box. This medium supports the growth and encouragement that allows acceptance to be all that I am.... hence the hesitation to find the words to answer what seems such a basic question... "What is Kundalini yoga?"

The truth is there are answers but none of them really dive deep into a complete explanation of what Kundalini yoga is. They seem like standard text book responses. It would be worth sharing some of these at this point though, to provide some content around this incredible art form for those whom have not experienced this practice.

Standard responses to the question-"What is Kundalini Yoga?"