Reconcile Your Differences

Harmony is a sense of feeling in a sync with that around you; to the point where you are flowing in a state of feeling #calm and #content whilst being in tune with the circumstance, situations and interactions within you life. How great does that sound?

Now for honesty time. Take a moment to reflect. On a scale of one to ten; with one being never in #harmony and with ten being always feeling in harmony. Where are you?

Before you start to judge that and shift into, "Oh well here is yet something else that needs self-improvement", lets look at a concept behind the reason why harmonious living seems to be something that is only experienced in snippets instead of it of being i a regular occurrence.

The concept of inner reconciliation

For a large majority of us, there is a space within ourselves that we often turn away from. These are the parts that we feel are not truly who we are.

Too experience harmony, as a consistent state of being within our lives, an important occurrence needs to happen. A #reconciliation of those parts of ourselves that we don't necessary like needs to occur through the process of loving #acceptance.