"Stay Centred!" But what does that mean?

"Stay Centred" seems to be a new-aged trendy saying. Phrases like find your centred, be grounded, open your heart... are thrown around everywhere.... during #yoga classes, in conversations with friends and reflection discussions about your day. But what do they actually mean?

Had a deep realisation about this and laughed so hard, when listening to a YouTube video from Matt Kahn. If you haven't experienced the blessings of his teaching there is a link to his channel on the photo below. For some context. Matt Kahn is a very wise, enlighten soul, who has an in-depth clarity of the human condition which he shares with humility, humor and grace. Now, taking that into consideration, was listening to Matt Kahn sharing about his experiencing within a yoga class. He was so confused by what the teacher was saying, "Stay in your centred." Matt Kahn was like, "What do you mean stay in my centre... What is my centre and how do I know if I have one?" Laughed so very hard because only the night before had done the exact same thing as this yoga teacher.... and what Matt Kahn was saying was so true. Phrases are so often used without providing the context to create clarity for those receiving these comments.

These #newage catch phrases are said with almost an expectation that they make sense; that people get what is being said. Yet how many of us internally have the same reaction as #mattkahn ? So this #blog is designed to assist in developing an #awareness around such concepts. That way you are able to experience a sensation of these phrases instead of be lost in the confusion of the thinking mind.

The Power of Words

First off would like to share a story from my past that illustrates how shifts within language create a shift within the