The Tides of Change: Adjusting to the Aquarian Age

Clouds are swiftly parting, floating away into the abyss. The veil has lifted and the new dawn brings with it a clarity for all who chose to see. The turning of the tides has come. We are now fully in the #AquarianAge.

We are now going into the Age of Aquarius(an Air Sign) and according to Ancient writings, the Age of Aquarius(13 letters) is officially entered into, on the 26th of January 2020. These numbers all add up to 13...1+2+6+2+0+2+0=13. (Don Tolman)

A Little History about the Aquarian Age

According to #YogiBhajan and the traditions within Kundalini #Yoga, 2011 sparked the new chapter of humanity - The Age of Aquarius. Up until this time there was a transition period that happened for about 20 years. Than the change happened, the new story began.

After change there is always an integration period, a getting use to period. Like when you move house but the boxes have to be unpacked and the furniture set up, to make it feel like home

Well that is what has been happening since 2011.

You know that sense that things are just quiet fitting together right.

That is what has been happening over the last nine year cycle.

Some subtle ... or not so subtle rearranging has happened here and there.

But now come the 26th of January 2020 and the rearrange is done.

We have landed into the sacredness of our new home, the new energy operating on #MotherEarth. Now everything has its place. It is like the second chapter of the new story is starting.