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What is so Magical about Malas?

What use would a mala be to me? Malas seems to be a trendy accessory at the moment for modern day people practicing yoga and seeking an alternative view of life. Are they more than just this?

Malas are an universal meditation tools that benefit all people regardless of age, gender, religious views, lifestyle choices and the list goes on (#malas #meditationtools). Mala Alchemy has made malas for children to bring deeper delight into their lives at Christmas time; for a husband to be kept safe whilst motor bike touring across Australia on a all men's fundraising appeal; for families who going through loss and grief; as love tokens exchanged on a wedding day. Malas have been created for grandmothers, fathers, couples, corporate executives, mothers, teenagers and one of my favourite a self-confessed atheist.

So Malas are not just an accessory to go with the lycra pants and rolled up yoga mat... they are so much more than this to so many people.

To answer the question what use would a mala be to me? Let's first look at what is a mala.

What are Malas?

Malas, also known as prayer beads, are a string of beads used to repeat mantra or prayer as a form of "spiritual exercise" that aides in meditation. These meditative tools date back beyond written history. The oldest known form of prayer beads, that can actually be dated back, is the Japa Mala, used in Hindu prayer. Malas become used by the yogis and monks within the Upanishadic Epoch (800 BC- 500 BC). From here prayer beads spread out to a wide range of different cultures that adopted them to be aligned with their meditation and prayer rituals. (#meditation #prayerbeads #historyofyoga #yoga)

Did you know?

  • Malas are employed by over two-thirds of the world's population as a part of their religious practices

  • When the Romans invaded India, they mistook Japa for Jap, the Latin word for rose. Upon returning to Rome, mala beads were referred to as rosarium which later become known as the rosary beads.

  • The forth-founders of Christianity, the Desert Fathers used knotted rope to count prayers

  • Traditionally Shaivists (branch of Hinduism) malas were crafted from the rudraksha beads. These beads were made from a tree unique to the island of Java. Buddhist malas are commonly made from seeds of the Bodhi tree whilst Tibetan malas often use semi-precious stones.

  • Greeks have made malas into worry beads. These have no religious purpose at all and act only as a form of meditation to create relaxation and enjoyment

Regardless of their origins, what they are crafted from, how they are used - all malas have one thing in common. The purpose of all mala beads is to help create peace and harmony for the individual, their family, the community and the unison of humanity. (#peace #harmony #worldpeace #familyunity #community)

This is where the real magic is. Yes they are beautiful strands of beads that can be worn with almost anything... BUT .. they come from a lineage. Mala beads have thousands of years of prayers being woven through them to bring into form a more harmonious world. Every mala has this intent, due to the power of the lineage of prayer beads. Therefore any mala that is in existence is infused with creating peace and harmony.

And honestly, who does not want more peace and harmony in their life and wishes that for their family, friends, community and the world.

Let's answer the question...

"What use would a mala be to me? " Oh besides having more harmony and peace within your life.

  • Do you have stress in your life? Malas offer a constant support. Just by wearing them or running your fingers over the beads it creates a sense of ease.

  • Would you benefit from having more mental clarity and focus? The power of the crystals used and the mantra that has been infused within the mala assist in cutting out the white noise and creating a space within to gain clarity and to remain focused on the task at hand.

  • Would you like to know how to meditation or deepen your practice? Using malas for meditation is an extremely simple way to incorporate meditation into your life. Just like clocks make telling the time easier, malas make meditation easier. Just sit comfortably and move one bead at a time through your fingers thinking internally of a one word affirmation or mantra.

  • Empowerment. You are probably wondering how a string of beads can empower you. Well that is the magic and you need to try it out to see for yourself.

What is so special about Mala Alchemy's Mala?

Have been creating malas for over a decade now and there is so much truth in the fact that malas are made for a specific owner. Each item crafted at Mala Alchemy are completely unique, one-of -a-kind prayer beads. The intention is set and then the magic happens. The connection journey begins. Sometimes it is instant, other times malas wait patiently for the right time and space to be most of use for their owner. It is such an blessing to be a vessel for these creations and to watch the unfolding of the journey as a mala finds it's owner.

The Journey of a Mala to find it's Owner

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