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Overactive Negative Mind? Befriend your Personal Body Guard

Numerology Overview for February 2019. The energy of this month is to bring #awareness to the swinging polarity that occurs within; between the #positive and the #negative mind. This month will be one of indecisiveness and over-commitment where you will internally beat yourself up about these things.

This month is about finding your balance point within your mind.

The #negativemind is represented by the number two and is active during #February due to this being the second month of the year. The heart number for this month is three, representing the #positivemind. The overall path for 2019 is also three, so therefore this month t energy will be doubled in its intensity. The purpose or path of the #numerology for February, is the energy of the 5, the teacher number. To understand all of this with more clarity let's start with a brief overview of the functioning #mind and where thoughts stem from.

A Yogic Understanding of how the Mind Functions

Honestly, this topic alone is enough for a blog, but having a brief overview of #yogicphilosophy around the structure of the mind will really assist with navigating through this month.

The mind is a complex matrix of different levels of consciousness, that filters down into more and more personalised aspects of the individual as a way for consciousness to project, interpret, influence and interact with the world.

During the month of February we are being given an opportunity to focus on the functional minds. This level of the minds is things start to become personal. What occurs at this level is that #consciousness creates #thoughts and processes them through one of the impersonal minds to combine with the three functional minds.

What does that even mean?

Okay, these thoughts that you have, are not your thoughts. Thoughts have a big process before they even reach the place where you are thinking them.

Presenting this process in steps may assist the intellect to comprehend what is being shared.

  1. The one unmanifest consciousness; known as many things (such as #source, #creation, #God ), brings forth #vibration, sound waves, the word. This vibration is referred as the Universal Mind.

  2. These vibrations become denser and heavier through the interplay with the gunas. Gunas are different forms of matter that consciousness used to start to shape waves of thought.

  3. This interplay between vibration and the gunas brings forth the way that the message will be delivered.

  4. It may be delivered through Manas, best related to instincts and based on action and sequences of things already learnt.

  5. Another way that the #UniversalMind can deliver a thought is through Ahangkar. We all know this. It is #ego. The funny thing that this happens outside of us. This impersonal mind of ego identifies, categories, plans, thinks and attaches.

  6. There is a third way that the Universal Mind brings forth messages and that is through Buddhi. This is when you know something just is and it is cocooned in peace where it assesses through #discernment.

  7. Consciousness shapes and tailors the thoughts that are to drop into the cycle of #intellect in a way that is most effective for #manifesting that thought into a reality.

Important note. All of this happens before you actually even start acting on, contemplating or processing the thought yourself.

After this whole process the thought is now ready to drop into your scope of thinking, referred to as the cycle of intellect. This is now when it becomes about you. To assist with the processing of these thoughts we have three functional minds.

Lets look at them like a gear stick with in car.

The first gear is the Negative Mind. It requires you to be at stand still or contemplating taking off for it to be used. It goes slow and it helps you stop in time.
"Stop right there! Let me assess everything for your first."

The second gear is the Positive Mind ... well to be truthful if the positive mind was a gear it would be fifth gear or even sixth gear for those cars that have them. Top speed. The positive mind is what moves you forward, keeps you going, and its purpose is to reach the target as quick as possible. However, it won't stop at the target because by the time you reach it, the positive mind is already onto the next target....actually to be precise the next 7 targets.
"Let's be joyous and do every fun thing that comes along."
Than there is the Neutral mind. And it is very much like the, neutral gear within an manual car (apologies if you drive an automatic but you get the drift). It is the pause, the space to breathe and wait. To reflect and assess. You use neutral whilst at the lights. Whilst sitting there, you reflect where you have been; where you are going and you know the best path to take. That becomes the way forward, despite the negative mind shouting, "Oh that is a dangerous choice due to the blind corners," and the positive mind also shouting, "Oh dam, red light, just go through it and take the quickest path. Yes over the gutter and through the backyard of those house. We will be there much quicker."
Breathe and see clearly

Okay that maybe a slight exaggeration but you now have a clear picture of the functional minds. And how they work together.

The functional minds are designed to work where you start in the negative mind, for lets say a risk assessment, than allow the positive mind to fire up the engine, followed by the clarity and direction from the neutral mind.

Of course though, this process does not always happen this smoothly.... and that takes us right back to the numerology overview for the month of February.

The Positive Mind Explained

The positive mind has been strongly focused over the last couple of months, since 2019 is a three year and the three represents that positive mind. And truthfully the three has needed this attention.

The positive mind:

Remember during February there is a double three. Not only is there the three for the overall energy of the year but the three resides in the #heart number for the month of February. It is like the universe has offered a gift of this month to really understand the dynamics of this three.

The Negative Mind In-depth

Now let's move to the real champion of this month - the negative mind. This energy is present due February being the second month of the year.

What is the negative mind?

  • The negative mind is your protector. Your big body guard, who has your back and isn't going to allow any harm to come to you in any way space or form.

  • The negative mind starts to awaken early in life. About the time you start to walk, explore and discover this world. The "Nos" you receive from your parents, about the hot tea, the busy road, the dangerous animal; are ways that the negative mind develops discernment to assist you with moving on safely.

  • The negative mind is a necessity. Without your negative mind, you physically actually would not be here now reading this blog as you probably would of walked in front of a truck, or drunk poison or done something life threatening as it is the negative mind that navigates all these life threatening situations.

  • The negative mind creates #inner resources like loyalty, friendship, #devotion and #trustworthiness.

  • The negative mind activates extremely effective organizing and planning skills.

The negative mind is a crucial aspect to your being so please don't feel that it is a "bad" aspect of the mind that needs to be reshaped with #affirmations every time it raises it voice to be heard.

The negative mind assists in giving form to your potential through the gifts of containment and obedience which assists in the develop of discipline and discernment.

An important aspect of the negative mind.

During these early years as the negative mind turns on (and stays on) a deep realisation occurs. The realisation is:

That you are now an individual being no longer connected to source as you have an identity and this world around you is something that needs to be assessed for safety. This awakens within the "Longing to Belong". This longing can call forth a drive that connects you deeply to the Creator within.
Over all the negative mind, "gives you patience to be obedient to your own inner guidance." #KRI Aquarius Teacher Training

What a blessing. When viewed this way the negative mind is much more potent than the positive affirmations we so often attempt to replace it with.

Separation from Source awakens a longing to connect deeply to the guidance within

Let's be a little realistic though.

A lot of us, due to conditioning, patterning and circumstances have a negative mind that has not be allowed to develop and flourish. As a result, to fill that longing, the void within, seeking occurs.

An undeveloped negative mind can lead to:

  • inappropriate and/or destructive relationships with yourself, with others or with things.

  • a pessimistic view on life which is often expressed through jealousy

  • living in the shadow where you hide your #potential

  • abandonment of the sense of #self due to obstacles being put in place from unrealistic risk assessments

  • existing in a #void, am emptiness with no or little direction

  • sabotaging any opportunity that comes into your field

  • being dominating by the emotion of #fear. All that is seen is the obstacles and difficulties and you give your #power away to this fear. This is the greatest challenge of the negative mind

Knowing the many facets of your Negative Mind will assist in deepening the relays within your life.

Simple ways to develop your Negative Mind

Developing your negative mind assists in establishing #healthyrelationship with yourself and all interactions and relationships within your life.

Practical ways to establish a healthier interaction with the negative mind:

  • #Bhakti—the act of devotion. This is the act of bowing down to the awe inspiring unfolding of creation. The flowers blooming, by which force? The sun rising, the seasons changing, the stars shining, by which force?

  • Cultivate divine love, a relationship with an archetype to develop #acceptance. Remember you are a child of the universe, you have the right to be here.

  • Accept that no #love is unconditional in human form.

  • Channel devotion to the #Divine through ceremony, ritual, chanting, spending time in nature.

  • Remember when you take one step towards the Divine it takes ten thousands steps towards you.

  • Take a #risk. Notice how it makes you feels

  • Chant Ong.... the creative force in actions

"Vibrate the cosmos; it shall clear the way." Yogi Bhajan

To Summarize

The gift of February is to develop a working relationship with your negative mind. To provide #opportunities for this to occur the positive mind will be very active this month. The combination of working with these two aspects of the mind is offering a wonderful learning journey this month through the energy of the 5. This number is all about life teaching you balance.
So February is offer an incredible experience to find your #balance point between the negative mind -how much do you need to hold back, assess for risk and develop safety plans; compared to the positive mind - yes lets just do it, actually lets just do everything.

Have fun and enjoy the exploration and journey of befriending the polarity that exists within our thinking mind.

Would love to hear your views so comment below and if inspired share with others you feel will resonate with this blog.

Sat Nam

Keep beaming your beauty

Vicki Murtagh

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