Overactive Negative Mind? Befriend your Personal Body Guard

Numerology Overview for February 2019. The energy of this month is to bring #awareness to the swinging polarity that occurs within; between the #positive and the #negative mind. This month will be one of indecisiveness and over-commitment where you will internally beat yourself up about these things.

This month is about finding your balance point within your mind.

The #negativemind is represented by the number two and is active during #February due to this being the second month of the year. The heart number for this month is three, representing the #positivemind. The overall path for 2019 is also three, so therefore this month t energy will be doubled in its intensity. The purpose or path of the #numerology for February, is the energy of the 5, the teacher number. To understand all of this with more clarity let's start with a brief overview of the functioning #mind and where thoughts stem from.

A Yogic Understanding of how the Mind Functions

Honestly, this topic alone is enough for a blog, but having a brief overview of #yogicphilosophy around the structure of the mind will really assist with navigating through this month.

The mind is a complex matrix of different levels of consciousness, that filters down into more and more personalised aspects of the individual as a way for consciousness to project, interpret, influence and interact with the world.

During the month of February we are being given an opportunity to focus on the functional minds. This level of the minds is things start to become personal. What occurs at this level is that #consciousness creates #thoughts and processes them through one of the impersonal minds to combine with the three functional minds.

What does that even mean?

Okay, these thoughts that you have, are not your thoughts. Thoughts have a big process before they even reach the place where you are thinking them.